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C++ General Interview Questions
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write a c++ program that gives output 4 3 4 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 using looping statement

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A milk carton can hold 3.78 litres of milk. Each morning, a dairy farm ships cartons of milk to a local grocery store. The cost of producing one litre of milk is $0.38, and the profit of each carton of milk is $0.27. Write a C++ program that prompts the user to enter the total amount of milk produced in the morning. Then display the number of milk cartons needed to hold milk, the cost of producing milk, and the profit for producing milk.

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i have given a project to create examination seating plan system in c++. so can anyone send me the answer of this question quickly??????

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what is object?

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write a c++ program to create class student having datamember name,Roll_no,age,and branch intilcization all the member using constructor print the all the details on the screen.


In java a final class is a class that cannot be derived. How can you make a similar class in C++

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if int1 has the value 12, int has the value 18, and int3 has the value 21, what is the result: int1 < int2 && int2 < int 3

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write a program to add two numbers without using an arithmetic operator.


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write a program that withdrawals,deposits,balance check,shows mini statement. (using functions,pointers and arrays)


can any one help to find a specific string between html tags which is changed to a sting.. weather.html looks (for location) is somewhere #include #include #include using namespace std; string find_field(string myPage,string); int main (void) { string page, line, location, temperature; ifstream inputFile("weather.xml"); while(getline(inputFile, line)) { page.append(line); line.erase(); } // Now page is a string that contains the whole xml page // Here you need to write something that finds and // extracts location and temperature from the XML // data in the string page and stores them in // the strings location and temperature respectively location=find_field(page,"location"); temperature=find_field(page,"temp_c"); cout << "Location: "< 1501

I need to find a specific string between two strings how do I do it?


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How would you represent an error detected during constructor of an object?

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why and when we can declar member fuction as a private in the class?


class base { public: int fun(int) {} }; class base2 { public: int fun(float) { } }; so here qustion is both function either function overloading or over riding;


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write a C++ programming using for loop: * * * * * * * * * *


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Which function should be used to free the memory allocated by calloc()?


What is the difference between the functions rand(), random(), srand() and randomize()?


Is set c++?


What is the extension of c++?


What is cout flush?


To which numbering system can the binary number 1101100100111100 be easily converted to?


What's the best free c++ profiler for windows?


What information can an exception contain?


What are the operators in c++?


Describe Trees using C++ with an example.


Can a list of string be stored within a two dimensional array?


True or false, if you keep incrementing a variable, it will become negative a) True b) False c) It depends


What is c++ w3school?


Are vectors passed by reference c++?


Name the debugging methods that are used to solve problems?