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C++ General Interview Questions
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How much is size of struct having 1 char & 1 integer?


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They will ask u question about single linked list?. Write Code for to insert delete node.


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if there is binary tree which one is the easiest way to delete all child node?


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Write a C program to calculate the salary of each employee in your company. You need to input the hours worked and the hourly rate. The company pays 1.5 times the hourly rate for all hours worked in excess of 48 hours. Use the formulas below to calculate the salary: if employee worked less than 48 hours salary = hours * rate; if employee worked more than 48 hours salary = 48.0 * rate + ( hours − 48.0 ) * rate * 1.5; You are required to use a loop to produce the sample output as given below.

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When is a template better solution than a base class??


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Explain calling an object's member function(declared virtual)from its constructor?

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You're given an array containing both positive and negative integers and required to find the sub-array with the largest sum (O(N) a la KBL). Write a routine in C for the above.

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Given an array of size N in which every number is between 1 and N, determine if there are any duplicates in it. You are allowed to destroy the array if you like. [ I ended up giving about 4 or 5 different solutions for this, each supposedly better than the others ].

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Give a very good method to count the number of ones in a "n" (e.g. 32) bit number.

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What is the output of the following 3D Array int arr[3][2][2]={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12}; what is the output for arr[2][1][0]?

HCL, Integra, IPMC, ORG,

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What are the advantages of C++ programming compared to C programming?


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Adobe Interview & Adobe Placement Paper


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what is the difference between linear list linked representaion and linked representation? what is the purpose of representing the linear list in linked represention ? is it not avoiding rules of linear represention?


What is volatile and pragma? When they are used?

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In which memory a class gets stored(in heap /in stack)? And why??

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Differentiate between a pointer and a reference with respect to c++.


Why use of template is better than a base class?


what are the iterator and generic algorithms.


What is the difference between a reference and a pointer?


How does a copy constructor differs from an overloaded assignment operator?


Is java made in c++?


What is the difference between structures and unions?


Explain what happens when a pointer is deleted twice?


What are namespaces in c++?


If a round rectangle has straight edges and rounded corners, your roundrect class inherits both from rectangle and from circle, and they in turn both inherit from shape, how many shapes are created when you create a roundrect?


What is the best it certification?


How do c++ struct differs from the c++ class?


Can I learn c++ without learning c?


In inline " expression passed as argument are evalauated once " while in macro "in some cases expression passed as argument are evaluated more than once " --> i am not getting it plz help to make me understand....


What is the use of setprecision in c++?