SQL Server Interview Questions
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Can a stored procedure call another stored procedure. If yes what level and can it be controlled?

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Can a stored procedure call itself(recursive). If yes what level and can it be controlled.?

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How do you find the number of rows in a table?

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Difference between Cluster and Non-cluster index?

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What is a table called, if it does not have neither Cluster nor Non-cluster Index?

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Explain DBMS, RDBMS?

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Explain basic SQL queries with SELECT from where Order By, Group By-Having?

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Explain the basic concepts of SQL server architecture?

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Explain couple pf features of SQL server

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Scalability, Availability, Integration with internet, etc.)?


Explain fundamentals of Data ware housing & OLAP?

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Explain the new features of SQL server 2000?

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How do we upgrade from SQL Server 6.5 to 7.0 and 7.0 to 2000?


Explain sp_configure commands, set commands?

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What is the basic functions for master, msdb, tempdb databases?


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What are the new features introduced in SQL Server 2000? What changed between the previous version of SQL Server and the current version?


What is the difference between NOROW and LOCKROW?


What is data modeling and Reterminal integrity?


In one interview...interviewer ask me question pleas tell me sql server architecture.. can any body tell me the sql server architecture with digram


last function used in MS Access to convert sql what function will use in sql


Issues related in upgrading SQL Server 2000 to 2005 / 2008


Insert syudents details in table.Current system date &time insert into joining time.How do insert?( in sysdate only return current system date how do add time?)


IF more than one Site is accessing the same Database server and I want to move the DB with Minimum down time? How will you do


what exactly sql injuction.how to overcome.....




How to Improve the performencs of SQL Server 2005 exclude stored Procedure and Indexes?


1.what is the diff between nolock optimizer and read uncommitted isolation? 2.what is the diff between revoke and deny? 3.what is percieved down time? 4.whether password protection are required for backups?if yes why?if no why? 5.what is fill factor? 6.what is cost analysis? 7.what is mean by piece meal restore? 8.what is 'rowguidcol'? 9.impersonate permission? 10.what is selectivity?


how can u get last observation in an unknown dataset ?


Comment,Datatypes are unlimited


Any one plz send me SQL Server Developer/DBA resume for 4 years experience