SQL Server Interview Questions
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What is a job?

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What are primary keys and foreign keys?

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How would you Update the rows which are divisible by 10, given a set of numbers in column?

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If a stored procedure is taking a table data type, how it looks?

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How m-m relationships are implemented?

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How do you know which index a table is using?

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How will oyu test the stored procedure taking two parameters namely first name and last name returning full name?

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How do you find the error, how can you know the number of rows effected by last SQL statement?

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How can you get @@error and @@rowcount at the same time?

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What are sub-queries? Give example? In which case sub-queries are not feasible?


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What are the type of joins? When do we use Outer and Self joins?

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Which virtual table does a trigger use?


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How do you measure the performance of a stored procedure?


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Questions regarding Raiseerror?

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Questions on identity?


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Any one plz send me SQL Server Developer/DBA resume for 4 years experience


can any body tell me how to know the password of current user in sql server


This question asked during interview, 2) At the end of each month, a new table is created for each bank that contains monthly metrics consolidated at the account level. The table naming convention is bankX_YYYYMM where X represents the numeric designation of the bank and YYYYMM indicates the 4 digit year and 2 digit month. The tables contain the following fields: name data type description account text account number registered boolean indicates whether the account is registered num_trans integer number of transactions made during the time period spend numeric(9,2) total spend during the time period a) Write a SQL query that will display the total number of transactions and total spend for "Bank1" during the 4th quarter of 2009. b) Write a SQL query that will display the total number of transactions and total spend at "Bank1" and "Bank2", broken out by registered vs. non-registered accounts, during January 2010 not sure what is correct answer and how to solve?


application server is slow what may be the problem


What is data modeling and Reterminal integrity?


hi i am working as a testengineer , so i want to no the backend data base connection can any one tell mwe in detail


on line cluster can we make if yes tell me the procedure


SQL Server Architecture ?


System variable and temporary variables


hi, how to link a text file and a .rpt file in my tables of sql server and to retrieve those records for further use. reply me as soon as possible.


query processing


what is checksum in sql server.........???


Insert syudents details in table.Current system date &time insert into joining time.How do insert?( in sysdate only return current system date how do add time?)


Delete duplicate rows without using rowid.


tell me the disaster recovery plan