SQL Server Interview Questions
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What is full form of XP ?

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what is procedure in sql?

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How create table structure only from tableA to TableB if TableA have some data?

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How make remote connection in database?

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How send email from database?.

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hi to all teachers,... Friends who write in the query mode Full text Search in Sql Server have experience Who make(Convert) this Stored Procedure as a normal Full text Search, which contains and .. Is used, into Advance of the tips I have thanked all friends perfection. Email : rezaafandi@yahoo.com Create PROCEDURE Sp_student @fname varchar(50), @lname varchar(50), @tel varchar(50), @code varchar(50), @adr varchar(50), @search_operation varchar(50), @totalRowCount bigint output AS begin if @search_operation = 'and' begin SELECT f3,f4,f5,f6,f7 FROM tb_student WHERE( f5 like '%' + @fname + '%' and f4 like '%' + @lname + '%' and f6 like '%' + @tel + '%' and f7 like '%' + @code + '%' and f3 like '%' + @adr +'%' ) select @totalRowCount = @@rowcount end


In join, which clause in not used?


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how many instance use in sql server 2005


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How we Resize table,temp table, database and log file size in SQL Server 2005


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There is a table1 with records (1,2,3,4,5,6) and table2 with records (4,5,6,7,8,9).write a query so as to get the result as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9


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Can we create nonclustered index in a table without creating a clustered index

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How can we call UDF(User Define Function) using C# code in ASP.net ?

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4 Please write a querry to find repeated numbers in the following table. Table Name: Table1 Field1 10 15 20 15 10

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I am learning Testing, so i want to learn SQL also because SQL is important for Testing. I want to know which is best Institute in Ameerpet or SR Nagar or any other place in Hyd? Please help me.

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Hi, I have a table A which has four rows as follows Table A ------- empname salary ------- ------ A 1000 B 2000 C 3000 A 1000 B 2000 D 5000 I need the following output: empname salary ------- ------ A 1000 A 1000 B 2000 B 2000 Thanks in advance


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how to use DTS package in 2000,2005,2008 in sql server


tell me the disaster recovery plan


How to check what was the last restore transaction LSN in Log shipping or Mirroring? when we don't have a Monitor or witness server.


hi, the following are the outputs of sp_spaceused and sp_tempdbspace sp_spaceused ------------ database size unallocated size tempdb 77752.95 MB 28026.99 MB sp_tempdbspace ------------- database size spaceused tempdb 77752.945312 1.007812 the unused space in sp_spaceused is nearly 28 Gb and in sp_tempdbspace is nearly 76 Gb cany any one explain about this output and why its giving different results.


what is difference between view and Dip.


whats new about truncate in sql server 2008?


1.what are diff types of joins , and explain diff between cross join and full outer join 2.diff types of views 3. Diff types of index 4. What is diff b/w stores procedure and function procedure 5.diff between double and int in SQL 6.diff between char and varchar in SQL. 7.Oracle or SQL whice you will preferred and why.


Issues related in upgrading SQL Server 2000 to 2005 / 2008


What are the new features introduced in SQL Server 2000? What changed between the previous version of SQL Server and the current version?


your distribution database is full what will u do


on line cluster can we make if yes tell me the procedure


How much memory that we are using in Logshipping Concept?


I have a table Events Events containing cardno,time,id,name--each id has a cardno my requirement is every day each employee swipe the card several times i want to calculate first and last time of each card the output should be name 1 2 6 7 in out in out holiday holiday xxx 09:30 06:30 09:40 06:45 where 1,2...... are dates for example january 1,2, etc. 6 and 7 are saturday and sunday how it is posssible


What is best institute to Learn DotNET And SQL in chennai?


can any body tell me how to know the password of current user in sql server