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SQL Server Interview Questions
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How to know the NAME of the Database and SIZE of the Database at the client node in Sql Server 2005

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Is index a datbase objects in sql server?

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What is Dedicated Administrator Connection in sql server 2005?

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why SQL server is more used to store database rather than Access

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How many types of Joins in SQL Server 2005?

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What is Inner Join?

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What is Outter Join?

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How many types of Outer Joins?What are they?

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What is Left Outer Join?

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What is Right Outer Join?

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What is Full Outer Join?

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What is Cross Join

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Diff. b/w Full Outer Join And Cross Join?

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What is Self Join?

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How will you fine tune a stored procedure or what are the steps that should be taken to fine tune or optimize a stored procedure?

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Un-Answered Questions { SQL Server }

you have couple of stored procedures that depend on a table you dropped the table and recreated it what do you have to do to reestablish those stored procedure dependencies?


How do I setup a sql server database?


How many types of cursor type are there?


What types of replication are supported in sql server?


what are acid properties? : Sql server database administration


What is store procedure? How do they work?


What is the difference between rank and dense_rank?


What is sql server query analyzer?


How can we determine what objects a user-defined function depends upon?


what's the difference between a primary key and a unique key? : Sql server database administration


What is the difference RDBMS and Graph Database?


What is report rendering ?


Explain the commands in sql server?


What is the boxing and unboxing concept in .net?


What is a transaction and why is it important?