SQL Server Interview Questions
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What is the difference between cross join and Full outer join?

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What are indexes? When do you need to create Indexes?

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In which situation you use Self joins?

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Describe about first three Normal forms.


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Write the Syntax for Cursors.

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How to avoid cursors?

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What are the various Isolation levels?


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wat is mean by trigger?.......normally wat use......when trigger used in sql........... plz cleary say with example.......

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wat is mean by normalization?......programing defination i need...(i know basic defination)


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If we use where clause in the left outer join then how the query would behave/act?

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write sql program to get the detail of student in a class?

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How to retrieve range of 10th rows to 20 th rows from total rows from a database table.? (Not from Dataset)

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What is Pointer ?

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what is call by value & call by reference ?

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What is trigger ?

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If user is owning any SQL Objects, can we drop that user


How to Improve the performencs of SQL Server 2005 exclude stored Procedure and Indexes?


how can you select rexcord(rows) from table A which is not present in Table B . Id being the FK in Table B referencing to ID Table A


What is data modeling and Reterminal integrity?


whats the maximum size of view state??


How do use Having,Group by,Group function in SQL?


Call by value and call by reference in procedure and function, with NOCOPY.


Tell about MOM Tool(Microsoft Operator Manager)?


role of sql sever 2005 in database rather than any other database


Suppose i have a table that contains 5 columns like col1,col2...colm5.I want to import only two column through BCP utility.How to do same through BCP in sybase.


In my application I have a process which picks the scanned files (tif format) from a shared location and it links to application and shown on it.The actuall issue is that my process picks the file before it is completly written or scanned which results in displaying few parts of the image or incomplete image.I need to check if the file is not completly scanned or written then do not link it to application.Please help if any body tell me that how can i check that file is in written phase or locked through DTS.thanking you in advance


How to write the storeprocedure with in the store procedure? and how can we write the store procedure with in a trigger vice versa? plz post me the exact answer?


Why we need to use secondry database file? though, we can do same work using primary database file also.


Which is the best place or learning center for MS SQL?????In Bangladesh?????


Scalability, Availability, Integration with internet, etc.)?