Design Patterns Interview Questions
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How can we design/implement singleton object?


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What is impedance mismatch and How to solve the problem?


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Design Facade pattern - What is its application in projects ?


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Design the Factory pattern and What is its application ?


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How to analyze the design patterns ?

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What are the design patterns and How can they make life easier for software development ?


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Explain the singleton, facade, or handle class design pattern?


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what is a Design Pattern?


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What are the different types of Design Patterns and Explain them?

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When to Use a Factory Pattern?

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In which application lifecycle phases is an application architecture produced?

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In what cases are synchronous architectures more appropriate than asynchronous architectures?

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What is the publish/subscribe model?

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What are the advantages of thin clients?

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What are the advantages of asynchronous architectures?

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Quartus II software version 6.0 is available for which operating systems (OS)?


Hi, I have 9backlogs in btech and i am 2008 passed out,am working with an MNC from past 3, am willing to do MS, will it be any problem for me?


What are the additional productivity features and enhancements included with Quartus II software version 6.0?


2. Create your own definition of a system. Based on the “system” definitions a. Identify your viewpoint of shortcomings in the definitions. b. Provide rationale as to why you believe that your definition overcomes those shortcomings. c. From an historical perspective, identify three precedented systems that were replaced by unprecedented systems.


How did you design your unit tests?What about integration tests?


Using any system, product, or service your organization provides, identify the human system roles for the product.


Contact a small, medium, and a large contract program within your organization. Interview the Technical Director or Project Engineer to identify the following information: a. Request the individual to graphically depict their development strategy? b. What factors drove them to choose the implementation strategy? c. What were some of the lessons learned from developing and implementing the strategy that would influence their approach next time? d. How was the V & V strategy implemented?


What are useful tools for developing and testing color schemes for web sites?


Can we use an equated value as operands for an MVC ? Reason for the same.


What are the SDLC phases you have invloved ?


4. Identify and bound the SOI’s Operating Environment.


Contact a system development program in your organization. Research how they analyzed their SYSTEM OF INTEREST (SOI), its OPERATING ENVIRONMENT, and their respective system elements. How was this analysis reflected in the SOI architecture?


when performing a functional test on a phone calculator,if pressing on a button does not function what do i do next


What non-visual coding tools are available for web design?


5.Develop an entity relationships diagram that identifies physical entity relationships.