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Unix Commands Interview Questions
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what will be the output of ls ~/..


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what is exact definition of operating system?

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What Is the command to change a file's creation time. means one file is created at the time 15:19 then time should br changed to 14:14

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How do you find which version and name of unix you are using at the command prompt?

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Is there any command in Unix, other than:ls, to list the files in a directory? The answer will be highly appreciated...


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What is the difference between AWK and SED commands? Plz give example and explain...


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how to find largest file?

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What is "type" command in unix?what is the functionality??

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How to know a process is a zombie or orphan process?

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how to change a normal file into hidden file

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what is difference between unix and linux?

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Assume that a file’s permissions give you read and write access. What operations can you perform on the file if it is in a directory which has “r”(read) only process? What operations can you perform on the file if it is in a directory which has “x”(execute) only access?

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When the shell is reading the command line what is the difference between text enclosed between double quotes ( ” ) and text enclosed between signal quotes ( ’ )?

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The rm command removes links to file. What does this mean? How then is a file deleted from the file system?

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Assume the following files are in the working directory prompt> ls -l tasks -rw-r--r-- 1 alex student 1423 Feb 21 14:01 tasks What command can Alex use to give everyone permission to write to the file? What will the ls -l command display if he does so?


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How do you grep a case insensitive?


What does the command '$ls | wc –l > file1' do?


Describe the usage and functionality of the command rm –r * in unix?


What is rmdir command?


Why is grep called grep?


What does grep v grep do?


What do know about tee command?


What is the nmap command?


Name the unix command to find how many days the server has been up.


Can you enlist some commonly used network commands?


What is unix command?


What are filter commands in unix?


What does pipe () return?


What is merge command in unix?


hw will u use awk in replacing cahrs and files