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Unix Commands Interview Questions
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describe the escaping sequence characteres in unix

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Write a grep (or grep) command that selects the lines from a file that have exactly three characters.

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What is an Environment Variable?


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what is the use of ls -l command & what is the information it gives about user ?

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why unix operating system provides more security than other operating systems?

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why unix commands can be divided into internal and external commands?


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Which RAID Levels supported by LVM?

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Where can I get the free download of Unix by Yeswant Kanetkar?

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can we use cat command as an editor ..???


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How can we "forked" process in UNIX? How then recognize in any of the branches we?


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How does one process we can start an executable file? How to get the PID process, which we started?

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how many internal commands is there in UNIX?

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How to set sticky bit, or it have any seperate directory to create sticky bit in sunfir servers. Please help me , i don't no the exact answer?

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if we create a file, in that 10 rows(means 1,2,....9,10 like). i want 7 row exactly, which command use in unix? plz send this question.


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Hi All, Can you please let me know how to grep for a particular pattern in unix. I want to print the dates from the file exp.txt. the date pattern is DD:MM:YYYY, I just want to print all the dates from the file exp.txt.

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How do I run a whois command?


What is used to type command?


Why is shebang used?


What is the first character of the output in ls l command?


Why is it called a shebang?


how to sort the content of the file based on numeric values


What is the function of grep command in unix?


Which command will print your home directory on screen?


What is the use of sed command in unix?


What is grep and how do you use it?


What does the command ' $who | sort –logfile > newfile' do?


What is the use of find command in unix?


What is updatedb?


Explain ‘library functions’ with respect to unix commands?


How to use grep command to list find the records of a file containing 10 different strings?