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Government AllOther Interview Questions
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Oriental Bank of Commeres clerk entres paper

Oriental Bank Of Commerce,


Can u pls tell me how shd I prepare for the Interview for the post of Research Officer Grade B- DEAP, RBI. I hav cleared the WE.


indian constitution does not provide any procedure to remove..

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what is water sed ?


what do you mean by leeft arigation ?


please give me previous hpcl question papers


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What will be the syllabus of The Descriptive paper of Forthcoming Oriental Bank of Commerce Clerk Exam? I Have the copy of advertisement but there is no information in it that what will be asked in Descriptive Paper?

Bank Of India, Banking, Dena Bank, Infosys, Oriental Bank Of Commerce, State Bank Of India SBI, TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,

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Hi... What is fullform (Stand for) ISI Mark(who is available in any product) ?

Blue Star, BSNL, ISI, ISO, Meta Strips, Sister Nivedita,

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What is ration of Indian Flang (Tiranga) a) 3:2 b) 2:3 C) 2:6 d) 4:6


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when will be the next group2 tnpsc exams?

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Is the degree bachelor of physiotherapy is eligible to write group2 tnpsc examinations?

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i want the details about the banking awareness and please send the questions and answers for banking awareness.


through which of th following countries does the tropi of cancer not pass



dear friends I have given the SBI clerk interview on 24 th of october 2008. But the interview procedure has started from 13 th. Does it mean that I have scored less mark in written exam than others who had interview schedule before me?I am waiting for ur answer

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Hai friends. i am K.Ravi Kumar working at hyd in Electrical. i have recently applied to BSNL TTA post. i dont have any correspondings for BSNL TTA. please friends if U have any papers or any thing regarding the BSNL TTA examination U please send to me. Please .......

Thermal Systems,


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hai sir, i need APGENCO Mechanical Sub-Engineer (Mech) Diploma and Electrical Sub-Engineer (EEE) previous papers. pls send to mail id:


sir my name is bala krishna im go for write bob bank pos written test when the results are held how many months taken for that thank you............


Is anyone give me a link where I can see the names and tenure of Financial secretary names who signature in 1 rupee Indian bank notes .. from 1st time to update. And new note re 1 published for ganerale public or for numismatic auction bizness center. 1 piece re 1 1500 inr price ,for whom it issue by government? No reply highly expected.


I got selection as Postal Assistant in Kerala circle.I want some clarification regarding Salary.What is meant by Incriment & hw it calculates. Also i wish to pursue my Post Garduation.Is there any chance to get Study laeve or long leave...i need just two years...... Hope reply


what are the questions asking in corp bank clerk intervw pls tell me who compltd their intervw


send me section engineer signal model paper to my mail id


What is the role and resposibilty of thr Assistant (General) in cabinet secretariat


I got selected in Department of Posts,India as sorting assistant in Chennai Air Mail Sorting Division I want to know what would be the gross salary and net salary (after sixth pay commission revised pay)for the post of Chennai Air Mail Sorting Division. and is there night shift?


If sc category marks in ibps po 130 then what is chance to bank joining for final selection?


hi.this is neelam.i cleared nov sbi clerk exam.can any1 pls tell me wat kind of ques r asked in interview.pls mail me sample questions with email id is


hi friends both my IB n DP verification hs been completd 4 d post of DFO(TELE) in CABIMET SECRETARIAT n ws dne on 18th dec n 10 jan till now i hv nt recvd any information abt d appointmnt letter n d IB guy told me ki v wil gt d appointmnt letter within 2 months.............any1 here know anythng abt appointmt ,when wil dis most likely 2 happn?????? from, sreenish


Recently I've been selected for the post of Jr. Tech. Asstt. (Chem) in GSI. It's a Group B post in PB-2 with GP Rs. 4200. Can anyone tell me about the promotional & career prospects of this job? What would be the take home salary in city like Kolkata?


Whether birth registration is mandatory to avail paternity leave for central government employee?


please send me the RRB station master online exam questions


Deepak kundu Post- deo in AG(A&E) Ahmedabad Cat-Gen, required place chandigarh,shimla If anyone ready for mutual call me on Mob- 8866243991