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Could you have done better in your last job?

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Can you work under pressure?

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Why aren't you earning more money at this stage of your career?

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Who has inspired you in your life and why?

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What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?

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Tell me about the most boring job you've ever had.

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Have you been absent from work more than a few days in any previous position?

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What changes would you make if you came on board?

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I'm concerned that you don't have as much experience as we'd like in…

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How do you feel about working nights and weekends?

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Are you willing to relocate or travel?

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Do you have the stomach to fire people? Have you had experience firing many people?

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Why have you had so many jobs?

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What do you see as the proper role/mission of…

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How could you have improved your career progress?

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being a electrical engineer why do u like to join in our IT company leaving core company?


Have you ever been asked to leave a position?


Today i completed my telephonic interview . many questions they asked from my projects.all questions from my resume. even that person who took interview he gone thro sites which i given in my profile. i answered well. Finally he said their ppls will call me and nice to talk like that he said I will get select????


Am a software professional having around 7-8 yrs of exp. Any job opportunites are available in the market for his profile? have exp in Java technology. Is it Ok to switch the job this time considering the s/w market condition? Also would like to have set of interview questions for Java+7-8yrs exp profile.


Is there anyone else in your set of peers or friends who you would like to recommend as a great candidate for Software Development positions at Microsoft? If so, please list their name and email address below.


hi friends, i would like to write scjp 1.6. anybody have dumps,please send to my mail id


Hello, I have attened interview on Selenium and I cleared technical,Hr round in accenture through Sourceone Consultancy on 23,July,2011.I send all my documets and EAF and BG forms.They told me that we will send offer letter next day .but they did n't send offer letter till now ...Can anyone please comment on this


Can you justify why are you expecting more in professional terms ?


Please tell me how to discuss about the salary in the hr interview. My current ctc is 3.32l and my expectation is 6.0 L. If they negotiate i can come up to 5.5l. How i can handle the situation. Please answer.


At what level u r Expected to be placed in the organisation?


About effort estimation ?


. Profit and loss and percentages... 1. .3 * .4 =? %


what will be the questions asked by interview if we mention cooking as hobby?


What are your strength and explain each


I have attended an interview in an MNC.after completing hr round they said that they will send the offer letter in a i didnt get any offer till now.can any1 tell whether i vl get the call letter from them