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A rpg or clp command to find if the file field is defined as a character or numeric field.

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how do u track msg in cl pgm???

1 Answers   CTS,

Can anybody tell me that why we use option(*nodebugio)in H- Spec?

3 Answers  

If I have a file with 5 record and that file has 2 Key field and I want to read the unique record of the file then how can we achieve it?

0 Answers  

in rpg could u please tell me errors types and meanings like 3030 that ....

1 Answers   EXL, UHG,

How do I link an existing logical file to it's Physical File without recompiling?

2 Answers  

1.WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE CODE BELOW? C CUSTNO CHAIN CUSTMAST IF %ERROR can any body find the wrong please? 2.What builtin function will you use to achieve the following functionality? C QTY IFLT *ZERO C QTY MULT-1 QTY ENDIF

5 Answers   CTS,

what built in function can be used with SETLL.If you want to check whether the search argument is successful or not? Please give me answer with example?

3 Answers  

I am Submitting one job in batch that job calls three progams(PGMA, PGMB, PGMC). PGMB should be called after sucessfully completion of PGMA as like for PGMC also. So Can you please tell me how can we do that (without using data area)

2 Answers   CTS,

1.I have a Physical file with 100 records, No duplicates exists, all are Unique,But while i am running Runqry utility i am getting only 80 records..What could be the reason?

3 Answers   Cap Gemini,

Hi Viewers can any body explain me how to update and ahange the already existed data in physical file using subfile ? please explain me with the code if possible?

1 Answers  

Let?s consider a variable X of length 20. Move value ?ABC? to it.How to determine how many characters does X have?

1 Answers  

What is the difference Return and InLr?

3 Answers