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RPG400 Interview Questions
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In how many ways a session/device error occurs,,, and what is the remedy for it?

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How to code Page up and Page down in RPG for Single page subfile without using ROLLUP/ROLLDOWN in DSPF ?


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what do you mean by SESSION/DEVOCE ERROR?


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i want code and what are used key words are wrkmbrpdm screen (q) i have a file with 3 fields empno,empname,empaddr... here you give the empno it displays from that number to remaining empno's how? sub file screen: employee details pos to:empno then enter empno empname empaddr so file have 100 records from 1 to 100 so the above pos you give the 55 displays the from 55 to remaining... ...... please share this answel


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How to declare the dynamic(run time) array in rpgle? can you please give example


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what is decimal data error? when it will come and how to achieve(rectify) this error please give me solution as well as code


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I know chain keyword retreive records randomly but how chain keyword exactly works internally????

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How to read data from Nth member of a physical file containing some X number of members in it? "Provided member names are unknown"

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I have file with data as follows data 1 2 3 4 5 I need to read 1 and 5 ,then 2 and 4 then like.. upto end of file, can any one help on this


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What is Multi Occurrence Data Structure(MODS)?


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I am reading a file in CL program. and MONMSG CPF0864 has arrived means EOF has arrived. Now i want to read this file again. How i can do this?

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can i use UPDDTA command in rpg program in which contains a file


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can i use unique key in LF


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in rpg could u please tell me errors types and meanings like 3030 that ....


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what is EXCEPT command in rpg and use

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do you use message subfiles? What are the necessary keywords required coding a message subfile?


If I have a file with 5 record and that file has 2 Key field and I want to read the unique record of the file then how can we achieve it?


How to define data area in RPG program? In which scenario multi occurrence DS is use in AS400?


Explain mdt?


What is the difference between copybooks and subprocedures in as400?


How would display prime numbers using CL program?


What are the types of identifiers?


what is the rpg system?


what is *place and *auto keyword in prtf ?plz explain


what is data area and how it is used in rpg program ?


What is ment by record level identifier?


what was the robotech rpg?


How to write record if no field or the field are different in physical file in rpgle ?


How can we know running job is batch or interactive?


can you debug ile rpg program using isdb?