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RPG400 Interview Questions
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What are the necessary keywords required to code a message subfile?

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What is the purpose of FRCDTA keyword?


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What is the purpose of PUTOVR keyword?

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What is journalling and commitment control?


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What is the purpose of Panel Groups?

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How can a screen field that has changed since the last output operation be detected?


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What would be the effect on the field where reverse image, underline and high intensity?


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Can more than one subfile record be displayed on one line?


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How can i keyed a flat file in RPGLE

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How can we make use of SETLL operation in CL?

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How can you delete records form a file in rpg without using "Delete" OPCODE?

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How to update only a field of a PF in an RPG program. I don't want to update the record, only one field.

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If there are 1000 member(PGM type) in a SRC file. How can we compile in a CL program? ( It need to be done in a loop)?

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1.Are there any errors in the following statement?If so then list them.DTAARA is a data area having a field EMP # and EMPNO is a field in the file EMPPF.Which has one record. READ EMPPF IF %FOUND(EMPPF) IN DTAARA EVAL EMP#=EMPNO OUT DTAARA ENDIF

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1.Load an runtime array of length 99 from the pf and you want to handle all the possible errors?



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What is the purpose of record level identifier?


What is the diff bw PF/LF Name and their Record format name? what is restriction in record format then file name?


how do I declare a minor?


what is the procedure and explain about real time scenario.


check existence of one record without using chain or read?


how do I declare a table or array in rpg iv?


How many program bind in one module....


how do you use commitment control in rpg?


how can you display specific subfile page on the screen in unequal subfile?


How can we override a file during runtime in rpg?


which program rpg or cl is efficent to update a transaction onto a database file and why ?


How can we know running job is batch or interactive?


during execution, an rpg/400 program automatically follows a sequence of operations for each record that is processed. The built-in program cycle includes the following logical steps.


If I have a file with 5 record and that file has 2 Key field and I want to read the unique record of the file then how can we achieve it?


1. If there are two programs using same file and 2 users are using the file at the same time and what can be done to allow them both to access? 2. How can remove lock from the file for accessing it by both users?