VB Script Interview Questions
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How can you have different number of cells for each row of a table in HTML?

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What is wrong with the following code: <%afname="header.asp"%>"?>

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What variable can you use to share info across the whole application for one user?

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What is string concatenation function in VBScript?

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How do you get the value of a combo box in Javascript?


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What is a class in CSS?

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When inserting strings into a SQL table in ASP what is the risk and how can you prevent it?

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Which is the default Data types in VBScript?


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what is descriptive programming in QTP and what is environment variable in QTP? where we store and what is its use?

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What is parametrization ?

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Is it possible to pass optional argument to function in vb script?

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What is the equivalent of VBScript?s On Error In Jscript ?


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How many data types are supported in Vbscript?


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I want good books or good sites for scripting.Can any one help me.



did any one attended interview in applabs if you had gone through plz tell me the procedure


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We have 1 web page with names column. I am giving the Service Providers1,2,3.... @ that time dynamically some no of names are displaying in the webpage and The Pop up windows are opening(No.of Pop Up windows=No.of Names). The names may be diffar for each and every Service Provders (Dynamically) How can we handle the Dynamic values?


filter the array values without using filter function?


Dear All, I am geting below IE error whilie executing the QTP scripts in Batch mode "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." can any one suggest me how to resolve this issue . Thanks Balaji


I need to get some data from data base and store this (retrieved) data in a excel sheet using VB script in QTP9.0 I have created connection for data base I have created as excels sheet by using Set XL=CreateObject("Excel.Application") XLworksheet.cells(1,1).value= rs.fields.item("<>") I have taken a for loop and changed the cells values (1 as i and another 1 as j) But still I am not able to get Plz kindly tell me know this . It is very urgent


where can i learn VB scripint ?


I have an excel sheet with multiple ID's in a column. Now i need fetch those ID's in an application and check whether if it already exist in the DB. If not then i have to go with the process of inserting them in the DB. If it exists then i need to skip that ID and move to the next ID and check the same and proceed. How can i do that with for loop and if condition?


How to Convert Hex color code to color name in VB Script?


How to make professional test report using vbscript code in UFT, which gives us complete analysis of the test.


I have attended Anovatek Software QTP interview. They will give us computer and one web based application with QTP. We have to automate some records (already updated records or new records) using QTP Data driven testing. But we should use for loop? Can any one know how to do data driven testing using For loop?


how to write a vb script in QTP for yahoo registration form, i want to check the performance also like performance test, stress, load test like that.


what is the difference between modular and data and keyword driven framework


who will create the object?


How to Import data from a file (file is on the desktop) to the data table


did any one attended interview in applabs if you had gone through plz tell me the procedure


how to increasing the numbers in a given text box please write a vb script