VB Script Interview Questions
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How can you have different number of cells for each row of a table in HTML?

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What is wrong with the following code: <%afname="header.asp"%>"?>

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What variable can you use to share info across the whole application for one user?

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What is string concatenation function in VBScript?

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How do you get the value of a combo box in Javascript?


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What is a class in CSS?

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When inserting strings into a SQL table in ASP what is the risk and how can you prevent it?

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Which is the default Data types in VBScript?


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what is descriptive programming in QTP and what is environment variable in QTP? where we store and what is its use?

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What is parametrization ?

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Is it possible to pass optional argument to function in vb script?

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What is the equivalent of VBScript?s On Error In Jscript ?


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How many data types are supported in Vbscript?


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I want good books or good sites for scripting.Can any one help me.



did any one attended interview in applabs if you had gone through plz tell me the procedure


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about vb scripting programs this type of all question& answers


1.I want to establish connection with excel and also want to fetch the data using SQL queries. 2.the code should be written in such a way that in future if I want to migrate from excel to MS excess database , then there should be minimal changes.


Write a Program to add 2 numbers without using operators (+,-) and without using third variable. Note: Use VBScript only Hint: You can use other operators like '/' & '*'(Division & Multiplication)


how to write codings in QTP using vb script. please help me. i am new to QTP. it is easy or very much tough. please tell me


Hi Friends my Question is very simple,in Manual testing when we click on a hyper link it directs us to the relavent page or it re-directs us to the current page,so there we can easily write testcase but same thing if we do in automation script using QTP & need to generate report using Reporter.report event how we will do it?thanks in advance...


1) How can we use VB script in testing the application? 2) What all are the things(Software application to be installed in PC) we need to learn VBscript?


Hi, Can anyone please send me vb script examples to practice vb and also material to learn vb scripting in QTP? my email id : hareen_11@yahoo.com


how to comvert 120 into one hunderd twenty rupees only and vice varsa


Illustrate briefly about the different types of statement


Develop a parameterized action that accomplishes the following a. Launch a browser of users choice ( example : IE, chrome etc) b. Open up a search engine (Google, Bing etc) c. Perform a search d. Click a particular link depending on the user’s choice ( 1st , 2nd or third link)


Can anyone send me a vb script function for verifying the functionality of active links on a web page


I am working on QTP, got struck in one place.. In my application depending upon configuration WebEdit count is increasing/ decreasing.. how to get these webedits..


how to set one column as primary key in QTP and fetch values accordingly


i need to sort the data using qtp script for this how i need to write a qtp script


What is the difference between VBScript and JavaScript?