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how we can find occurence of MU and PE fileds in a file?

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how to move cursor to a particular field when position is not known?

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how many work file we can code in jcl?

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difference between escape(top or bottom) and escape immediate(top or bottom?


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How do you receive data passed through JCL parm parameter in a Natural program ? How Data definition is defined in the program?

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Would like to know if have an expecific command that returns a code or something about the execution of a CALLNAT. For example ... CALLNAT 'SUBPRG' [parameter] [parameter] ... [here comes a code or command that checks if the CALLNAT was successful]

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Is it possible to code GOTO statement in NATURAL? if yes please provide the syntax of the same

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what type of files we use in file-aid

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what type of files we can process thru file-aid

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why do we use file-aid for seqential files?

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how to ftp the natural program to desktop? (from mainframe to pc), is it possible?

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How do you pass data from a Natural Program to an External Subroutine? Can it share the LDA of Program as in Internal Subroutine.

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What happens when you issue a ESCAPE ROUTINE in a program ? Will there be any compilation /Run time error.


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You are processing an input file in a Natural program and you want the program to fail if the file is empty. What command you use in Natural to force it to fail ?


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What is the difference between External subroutine and subprogram?

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How converted the natural coding for adabas


What is data trace system 2.0 used for?


The natural file converted to PDF file if Yes then explain ?


In a Natural program i used the below code for report FORMAT LS=132 PS=60 And down the line I want to change either LS/PS like FORMAT LS=120 PS=50, is it possible? How it will work?