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CICS Interview Questions
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how can we display negative sign in a map?


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DFHPI10 08 05/13/2009 05:47:14 FSCIBM SOAP message generation failed because of incorrect input (INPUT_STRUCTURE_TOO_SMALL ). Can anyone suggest how to handle this type of error?

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How do u know if a start command intiated a transaction or a terminal intiated a transaction


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If TDQs are selfdestructive then why they are used? AND Why TSQs are preferred over TDQs?


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Looking at an CICS module how would one will identify that it is pseudo or full conversational?


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Hai I have a VSAM file and there are two CICS pgms A and B both intends to update the file. How to code the program so that it does not under go a dead lock situation.

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what is mapfail and when we get this error? during send map or receive map?


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can there be multiple mapsets for a single program?

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What is TSQ and TDQ.what is the the difference? when you for tsq and when you go for tdq?

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How can u pass the control from one prog to another in CICS?

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whar is the difference bwn LINK() and XCTL()?

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how to get 'time stamp' in cics prgms ,what is the syntax.

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What is the difference between receive and receivemap commands in CICS?

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I have to run a select query on DB2 table and show its data on CICS map. Please tell me.

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Can multiple CICS regions exist under one O/S?

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What is the use of tdq and tsq?


Name the 3 common ways to create maps?


what are the reserved words for cics?


how a data in physical and symbolic map gets treated? Since the physical map is much concerned about the screen alignment and the field positions, how the values entered in the field which has PICIN or PICOUT clause in Physical map gets treated? Does that mean datas recieved or sent to the physical map should be constant? How does the data in Symbolic map gets converted with 5suffix namely F,L,A,I and O. For example EMPNO is treated as EMPNOI, EMPNOO, EMPNOA, EMPNOL and EMPNOF. how does this happen in symbolic map. Please provide your inputs on the above and kindly correct me if I am wrong.


In a CICS program, how will you read a VSAM file?


what is eib, how is can be used?


What is the syncpoint command?


What is fset?


Explain the difference between getting the system time with eibtime and asktime command?


what is effect on receive map when


explain the means of supporting pseudo conversation programming. (Eg. Storing and restoring of states, control flow, error handling)?


What is the primary aspect of CICS?


when an xctl is done, does the tranid change ? Is a new task created ? Does it cause an implicit syncpoint to be issued ?


How do we pass parameters into a CICS –DB2 program


Can you define ppt and what are its uses?