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CICS Interview Questions
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When there are 2 records with the same key specified in a DELETE operation what will happen?

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How would you release control of the record in a READ for UPDATE?


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What information can be obtained from the EIBRCODE?

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Name the macros used to define the following: MAP MAPSET FIELD

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CICS provides an interface through which the all the DL/I services can be used under CICS(True or False).

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What is the size of commarea


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How will you access a VSAM file using an alternate index?


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What tables must be updated when adding a new transaction and program?

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For protecting a transaction using the transaction security function, the two things that must be done are?


What is the usage of language in the PPT entry?


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NMDS is both device dependent and format dependent (True or False)

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Specify the requirements for Automatic Task Initiation. (Mention the control table, it?s entries and the corresponding Procedure division CICS command).

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How is the stopper byte different from an auto skip byte ?

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What is the EIB (execute interface block)?


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Before issuing an ASKTIME command what will be the values in the EIBDATE and EIBTIME fields ?

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Un-Answered Questions { CICS }

What is a cics task?


Explain the primary significance of intra-partition and extra-partition tdqs ?


Explain the difference between the into and the set option in the exec cics receive map command?


what is the difference between a package and a plan. How does one bind 2 versions of a cics transaction with the same module name in two different cics regions that share the same db2 subsystem?


Explain the difference between the xctl and link commands?


what are the differences between and exec cics xctl and an exec cics link command?


How to define a vsam file in cics getting into cics to define a vsam file.


Is length = 0 sufficient to ascertain that the field has been modified?


what are the commands used to gain exclusive control over a resource?


Kindly specify the pic clause for the hhmmss type of data fields?


Explain what is the massinsert option?


Can a CICS code be a part of a copybook? If so, then what are the outcomes after compilation?


Explain the function of the cics translator?


Explain the difference between temporary storage queue (tsq) and transient data quene (tdq)?


What is the use of mdt (modified data tag)?