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JCL Interview Questions
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how to code instream data in procedure?

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why should SYSIN DD * statement should not be included inside a PROCedure snippet??? please answer this.. i need to know.


can anyone explain me about sort in jcl with inrec and outrec ?


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in production region 100 steps are running,but i need to run only step5 without changing code how can i do it?


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I have GDG defined e.g. GDG.smaplegdg.base, after processing the GDG. it contains some records and which is input to the second step2. How can I use GDG to use it as input file at step2.


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how to count the number of members in pds?

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What is the error/SOC code if dd names are not sysut1 and sysut2 in IEBGENER?


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How can we see data in TEMPARARY DATA SET in JCL ?

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How Can we see all generations of a GDG ?


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I have 3 duplicate records in a file . I want to eliminate 1st, 2nd and copy 3rd one only . HOW ?


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how to write a jcl prog to copy alternate recs from ps1 to another ps2,suppose ps1 having 10 recs?

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Suppose I have 5 dataset listed under a single DD name in a catlogued PROC. How can I override one of those 5 dataset (say 3rd dataset)?


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how to edit a tape dataset ? asked in wipro


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How does -818 sql error occur? Why does it happen and what can be done to overcome this error code?


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How different is the JCL executing a COBOL program? 1) if the program is using VB file as input. 2) if the program is using FB file as input.


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Un-Answered Questions { JCL }

What is the difference between run mode and addressing mode?


What parameter of the job statement is used to limit the cpu time consumed by the job?


how to do automated restart when a job abends?


State the uses of syspring, sysin, sort fields, sum fields and dummy.


Which statement is used to identify the private libraries in job?


I want to JCL sort for Non-COMP and COMP-3 fields SORT FIELDS=(1,5,A,6,11,A,12,11,A,19,1,A,20,1,A),FORMAT=BI,EQUALS Length of comp bytes is 11 bytes which start at 6byte and 12 byte considering 11 bytes in comp-3 is 6 bytes. Can anyone tell if the above sort work SORT FIELDS=(1,5,A,6,6,A,12,6,A,19,1,A,20,1,A),FORMAT=BI,EQUALS does not works OK


when can a job time-out occur? How to overcome that?


If a (+1) generation dataset is created in the first step of a job, how can it be referenced in later steps of the same job for input?


How to code these statements in JCL: CLEANUP INITIAL(NO) RESTART(NO) DYNALLOC(NO) job definition..?


what JCL Procedures?


What are the rules employed while naming the steps in a job?


When you specify multiple datasets in a JOBLIB or STEPLIB, what factor determines the order?


List in order the hierarchical levels of jcl?


Brief description of inline procedure of jcl.


List the different jcl statements that are not permitted in the procedures?