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JCL Interview Questions
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How can you execute a COBOL program via SYSIN in JCL?

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can a job be submitted through jcl only? is there another way to submit a job?


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what is meant by jobtrac?


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can we maintain 2 generations with different Lengths in Same GDG ?


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diff bw SB37,SD37,SE37 ?( bcz these 3 belongs Space related abends only)


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when GDG version number get changed ? bcz always Generations only increasing.

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How to print data of sequential file to Spool..?

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i have a ps with two columns eno and ename , i need to copy eno column values in one ps and ename column values in one Ps ? is it possible through iebgener . how ? thx in advance


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how to run batch program without jcl?


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In Job, there are 10 steps. If I want to execute the first 6 steps and don't want to execute from 7th to 10th step. What is the solution for this ?

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How to delete generations of gdg without deleting gdg base?

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While using SORT FILES =NONE,XSUM I am getting error "ICE172A E XSUM IS NOT SUPPORTED - USE ICETOOL SELECT IF APPROPRIATE"..I want to write duplicate records a a serparte i can do tht?


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db2 maintains information about the data... tables. a set of tables known as db2 catalog. db2 database. d.none of the above. 1 What is the maximum number of tables that can be stored on a Partitioned Table Space ? 1 what is contained in the DB2 node lock file? A) data base names B) data base users names C) license keys D) server names Accenture 5 Can a primary key have null values? If we try to insert a null value in a primary key column, will it work or give an error code? 6 When you are working with the project after coding what will u do? Like what type of documents u will prepare? How will u do testing? 2 how to delete perticular row from table for ex. how you will delete 3rd row from table please answer THANKS IN ADVANCE IBM 7 max number of columns in a db2 table? 6 What is package versioning? Please give an example. 1 What is the picture clause of the null indicator variable? 6 How do you filter out the rows retrieved from a Db2 table ? 1 What is DB2 (IBM Database 2)? 3 Can any one tell me about Restart logic in DB2.

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A job has 90 steps i want to execute only step7 and step15


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A job has 150 steps i want to execute only 57th step


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List the various advantages of using jcl language?


In sms datasets, what is the function of the dd avgrec keyword?


what is the use of IEBGENER utility?


What is concatenating?


What is the purpose of dd?


what is the difference between JES3 and JES2?


what is DD statement is used in JCL?


What are the jcl procedures?


How to override loadlib?


Explain how can values be passed from the job stream to an executable program?


Is automatic restart possible in jcl?


What are hierarchy levels in jcl?


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What are the 2 types of parameters in dd statement?


I have many files which i am receiving from client everyday. I have one step for every file to check for empty or not. Here client gives 30 files i need to check for every file for empty or not and i need to perform 30 steps. Can I do it in single step. Dynamically i need to change the File name in my step.