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Informatica Interview Questions
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what is diff between grep and find

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how can we load first and last record from a flat file source to target?

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1:when we develop a project what are the performance issue will raise?? KPIT 2:if a table have INDEX and CONSTRAINT why it raise the performance issue bcoz when we drop the index and disable the constraint it performed better??KPIT 3:what are unix commands frequently used in informatica??


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What are partitions in informatica and which one is used for better performance?

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How Union Transformation is an Active Trans?

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What is a surrogate key?Why we use it in a mapping?Pl give an example.


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I have table name called Team and I have name and DOJ in that table in oracle, when I retrive the table in Informatica DOJ shows with date and time , I want want to know is it possible to get only date(MMDDYYYY) in the date data type,


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Hi, I am new to Informatica, What is a flat file and how to use flat file in infomratica please help me.


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I still need further explanation about the difference between active and passive transformation with some examples.Thank You

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What is the difference between Connected and UnConnected Lookup Transformation.Give me one or two examples please?

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I have table name in that I have Rajesh Reshika Priya I want the result Like only Starting with R Rajesh Reshika Can someone help me to get these results and How?

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Hi all, i am new to this site and new to Informatica too. I have few questions regarding that. 1) When we load flat files into target tables how do we identify duplicates? and where do load the duplicate records for further reference? 2) How do we do chage data capture? Is this Slowly changing Dimension technique? Thanks in Advance

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Hey I am net to informatica? Can any one explain me step by step How scd will work ?


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How can i generate Seqence Numbers to Tagret Table (with out using Seqence Gen Trans,Rank Trans).

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Can anyone know that what is the Source File limitation in Informatica? To be more precise .. how many flat file we can use as a source in a mapping if.. 1) The Structure of flat files are same & 2) If the Structure of flat files are different. Please explain the procedure also if it dosn't bother one much!!

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Enlist some properties of sessions.


Describe the impact of several join conditions and join order in a joiner transformation?


define galaxy repository in informatica


What is standalone command task?


What is the need of an ETL tool?


Can we change Dynamic to Static or Persistent cache? If so what happens?


Explain Dataware house architecture .how data flow from intial to end?


What are the different types of olap? Give an example?


can anyone explain me about retail domain project in informatica?


What are the static cache and dynamic cache in informatica?


what is SDLC way of code development?


Slowly changing dimensions, types and where will you use them


What is dynamic cache?


Different sorts of metadata that stores in the storage facility?


Clarify the utilization of aggregator cache record?