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Informatica Interview Questions
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wht is cdc?how to use it in creation of mappings?


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wht target override?wht advantages it has compare to target update?


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how to calculate the optimum cache size in aggregator transformation?

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I'd like the load to be triggered by client. By placement of a file or somehow. How is it done in Informatica? I'm using version 7.1.4 This is so urgent - I really appreciate your help :-)

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What is the difference between Bitmap and Btree index?

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What is the difference between Junk and Confirmed Dimention? where can be used htat one in Informatica?

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How to delete duplicate record in Informatica?

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What is the difference between view and materialised view?

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Hi All can anyone tell me where i will get Informatica training in Mumbai?

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how many types transformations supported by sortedinput?

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what is lookupoverriding?

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what is the process of target load planing?


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what is the process we used in joiner transformation,there is no matching column in sources?

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what is the diff b/w union and joiner and lookup?

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how can u load the data in time dimension?

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What is rank transformation?


Explain how to import oracle sequence into informatica?


Differences between connected and unconnected lookup?


If i have source as flat file. how can i store the header and trilor into one target and data into one more target. |------>target1(header+trailor) source------ |------>target2(data) can any one please help me


Differentiate between joiner and lookup transformation?


Can some one explain me about Telecommunications(wireless) project in Informatica? Thanks in advance


How can we store previous session logs?


Can we create two repositories on same database instance in oracle?


How many numbers of sessions can one group in batches?


What are ETL Tools?


in u flatfile some of fact records are missed then u load the diminision records are not if u load diminsion records what about fact table records


Clarify the utilization of aggregator cache record?


can you please explain me pre session and post session options?


Can any one give me a real time example for FACT TABLE & DIMENSIONAL TABLE?


Have you worked with/created Parameter file