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Informatica Interview Questions
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what is galaxy repository?

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task is running successfully but data is not loded why?

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what is the difference between Informatica7.1 & informatica 8.1

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hi i want to install latest informatica software in my pc..can anybody help me where should i get the infomatica software..plz help me

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can a port in expression transf be given the name DISTINCT

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how to obtain performance data for individual transformations.

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what is mapping optimization? wat are the techniques for tat

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How to handle changing source file counts in a mapping?

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How to write a procedure for a date which is in three different formats,and you want to load into datawarehouse in any single date formate


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Draw a workflow diagram for this situation. If s3 is true session s4 and s5 should concurreently Run.if any one s4 or s5 true it should run s1.If s1 sucess it should execute s2 otherwise exit.can any one give me suggestion.Thanks in advance.


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S1 is having 1 lakh records and s2 is having 100 records, s2 should compare s1 if emp no is same data should be updated if not their it should insert the data.what are the transformation used?


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daily how much amount of data send to production?


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if we r using aggregator we enabled sorted input but the records r not sorted what happen?


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we r using aggregator with out using groupby?

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how to we create datamart?


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What are the types of lookup transformation?


In warehouses how many schemas are there?


How you can differentiate between connected lookup and unconnected lookup?


Which means the first record should come as last record and last record should come as first record and load into the target file?


What is the difference between router and filter?


How to display session logs based upon particular dates. If I want to display session logs for 1 week from a particular date how can I do it without using unix. ?


Informatica settings are available in which file?


Write the different tools in the workflow manager?


Briefly describe lookup transformation?


Explian the Process of deployment groups in informatica


How to Create a folder using pmrep command?


I am new to informatica and learning it,can anybody please tell me how we receive source as flat file in informatica,from where we get this flat file?


Under what condition selecting sorted input in aggregator may fail the session?


Explain informatica architecture - version 8 / 9


What is the benefit of partitioning a session?