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Informatica Interview Questions
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Can we create out put ports in source qualifier t/r?


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i have source file data empno,ename,sal 100,ram,1000 200,tyu,2000 300,gh,3000 out put as e empno,ename,sal 100,ram,null 200,tyu,1000 300,gh,2000 how to load it?

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hi all my source looking like below column1 column2 101,102,103 abc,def,ghi 1001,1002,1003 a,b,c i want my target is column1 column1 101 abc 102 def 103 ghi 1001 a 1002 b 1003 c any one can you help

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i have a source of n records.i have to load n+5 records to my target.What is the procedure??????plz tell me.....

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what is SDLC way of code development?


I want expect first and last record remaining all records will be loaded into target? which transformations we can use?

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source : xml file target: xml file how can we check data loaded into target xml file using writing sql query. pls help on this asap.

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1)you have multiple source system where u receive files ,how do you actually load into mapping using transformation,what are the transformation you use? 2)you have files in ftp location ,how do you get it into mapping with you ETL concept?



What is the difference between Bulk Load and Normal Load


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What is limitations of truncate and load option

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1 2 3 * 4 5 6 * 7 8 9 how to load records between two stars(*),

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Design a mapping to get year of join for each employee.


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Can we combine a flatfile and a database table using an UNION transformation?


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Difference between STOP & ABORT in Informatica.

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What are the types of error logs available in Informatica?

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what are all the deliverables of ETL informatica power center project? what are all updated or created by etl developer as his everyday activities?


How to convert a row into column and a column into rows? Name all DTM threads. What all threads stop when we issue STOP or ABORT? How to pass the value of a data(variable kind of) from one session ( generated in mapping) to another session in the same workflow... What are the tyoes of partitioning you know and how to apply them in real time ... Can partitioning be applied to expression transformation and how


How to go to the older version for a mapping?


can anyone suggest best free Talend data integration training online


How to generate sequence numbers without using the sequence generator transformation?


Mention few power centre client applications with their basic purpose?


What is an aggregator transformation?


What happen when you enable grid option avilable at session level ? (Ans found: Scalabily . A single session Parallelization) But how can one session is sharable among different nodes at the same time while running ?


What is dimensional table? Explain the different dimensions.


What is lookup change?


What do you mean by filter transformation?


-Which expression we can not use in Maplets?, -Can we join(relate) two dimensions in a schema? -Why and where we use 'sorted input' option?


How to do the error handling of if ur source is flatfiles?


Explain scd type 3 through mapping.


Write the prerequisite tasks to achieve the session partition?