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Cognos Interview Questions
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what is the diff b/w excel 2000 and excel 2002 sheets if any body know this answer plz tell me


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Why we take so long time to display date prompt before displaying a report? How can we reduce the time?

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1.tyes of security in cognos?.how to use rank function? 2.what is content store? 3.what is content manager? 2 use rank function?

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wt is tupple , Embed function ? wt is regular dimension ?

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Can we install cognos 8 on windwos xp sp3.......(and i like to use data base as sql server it preferable?)......... pls let meknow... thaks in advance...

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Helow, i have a problem with runing-total function when i use it for a calculate row (for example : i need to diplay a running-total of total units ?)


in which scenario we go for views in cognos or oracle?

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what is the use of backward drilling in cognos 8?is it possible?whats the uws of it?


what is degenerate key in oracle ?whare do we use it?


1.How can we driil through from a page report having query1 to list report having Query2 in master detail relationship n Drill through? 2.In database i have 50 records but when it is displayed on the report i'm getting 100 record with duplictes.How can we solve this to eliminate duplicates? 3.Exact Diff B/W Filter n Condition? 4.Render Variable? 5.I have leftouter join when right table does not have any matched records with left table what will be the output of the report whether it will be dispalying Null or blank in that particular row? 6.How to test the reports i.e Unit Testing? 7.How canwe drill through when there is no common column between the parent n child report? 8.How can we do performance tuning? I kindly request all the experts to give reply with correct answers and if possible send me some examples regarding that at


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What is the diff between the following Report output-- HTML O/P, PDF O/P, EXCEL 2000 and EXCEL 2003 of report outputs? Listout main differences?



How do you test the reports? Explain the Unit testing procedures after developing the reports?


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How to apply securities for reports in cognos connection?



how to do page breaks in cognos 8 Report studio pls give the navigation

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difference between join and union in reportstudio?


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Name the types of gateway?


Can you define confirmed dimension?


how to test reports in cognos?


What are various types of gateways in cognos?


Re: hi,dis is Hari.I'm searhing on cognos.1 want realtime scenarios with solutions.persons having hands on experience in real time plz help me out. my mail-id is, hope u will respond as soon as possible. thank u in advance


What is the difference between regular dimension and derminant?


When we save a report in report studio with what extn it save?


What is set to be cardinality?


What are types of batch available in cognos?


What is the difference between drill through, drill across?


What are the advantages of shortcuts?


-----------Diff b/w OLAP and RDBMS?


describe the starschema grouping ?how can i add a new column for existing report ,when it is not present even in model & dataabase?


What is the difference between static and dynamic conditions?


What are initial page components of Cognos connection?