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Cognos Interview Questions
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what is difference btw summary filter and detail filter, plz explain with example


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What is the use of Tree Prompt? Where it is used?Pls give me a real time example?

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What is the use of Generated Prompt? Where is it used in realtime project?


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Interval Prompt's Usage? Example for usage in Project

Cap Gemini,

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How can we find out cardinality between two tables?


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what are determinants?

College School Exams Tests, IBM,

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how to add a new dimension in the powerplay transformer.i.e already we have devbeloped one cube. in that we want to add one new dimension cn anybody plese tell me the step by step procedure.

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explain project, package ,model , modelers.........and differences b/w them?


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Once reports are delivered to client, how will they inform back? If they are experiencing any problem in the reports.

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I have ten columns that needs to be totalled... but some columns are do i get sum all the columns even if sum are empty? Can i get a total of the rows instead of columns? if yes, what is the function to be used?


What is the diff between cognos 8.1 & cognos 8.2 & cognos 8.3? Measn whet are the enhancements are added in new versions(8.2& 8.3)?


I want to display popup menu or alter message in my report? How to you solve this problem? Give me the answer with example?

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What are the steps to create DMR model in FM? Give me brienf discription as interview point of you?


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Any Cognos planning Queries Rise

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All ready we have alias tables for modifications why we are using views if anybody this answer plz reply me



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What do you mean by query studio?


how to perform single sign in cognos by using url?


Can you explain cognos planning?


What are the roles defined by cognos platform?


plsreply to interested to do the cgnos certifications relating to report developer.can you suggest me what kind of certifications andwhere cani get (dumps) previous quetions and answers for the certification........


What is a Query Subject?


How to create model and how to test model?


3. The vice president of sales has requested a graphical display of the same information provided in our last crosstab report (whatever I mentioned in above question) for an up coming presentation. We need to provide a chart report that shows which regions generate the most revenue and sales volume.


please please give me some banking calculations in framework manager.


Hi all... how can we publish packages using bmp scripts to Path:Public Folder Packages Folder


is cognos 7 is better than cognos 8


What are shortcuts? Where it can be used? What are the advantages?


Hi.. friends, dis Bhaskar p.if any of u having realtime scenerios.. plz send to me.. my mailid s send ASAP.. waiting for reply..


What are query items?


how can we Upgrad the reports from version Impromptu 6.0 to 7.0 and Power Play from version 6.6 to 7.0 ?