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CGI Perl Interview Questions
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Why do you use only Perl when there a lot of more languages available in market like C, Java?

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Try pattern matching for the following: 1) 2) /root/abc/cde/fgg/ac.xml --> Get file name without extention. 3) /root/abc/ac.xml/fgg/ac.xml --> Get file name without extention. 4) What does "DIE" meant in PERL? 5) chomp 6) "This is saturday" --> Print the weekday number. 7) 11-2-2009 --> Print the name of the month. 8) Reverse the string without using func in C.

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Write a script to reverse a string without using Perl's built in function


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how to find a substring in a string without using substr built in functions, and print the substring found


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sort a word "system" in perl/shell without using built in functions output should be emssty


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How to sort dates in Perl ?

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Packing and Unpacking. Hi, I want to get output as 0x23400000345.... in the below example How to get? i tried out, but unable to get the answer $r=0x234; $t=0x345; $y=pack('L L',$t,$r); $x1=unpack('L!',pack('P',$y)); printf("\nThe value is $x1"); I didn't get constant output

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while (my ($key, $value) = each(%ENV)) { print "$key - $value\n"; } What does the above sample code produce? What function do you use for reading a list of files within a directory? my %hash = ( 'hi' => {'hello' => 'all'}, 'bye' => {'later' => 'gone'} ); print $hash{'hi'}; What is printed when the above code is executed? sub new { my $pkg = shift; my $test = {'name' => shift;}; ???? return $test; } Which one of the following replaces "????" in the above code in order to cause the function new to return an object of type "Test"? while () { ???? print "$_\n"; } Which one of the following statements causes the above code to strip all whitespace from the end of all lines of input and to print the resulting lines to standard output while (my ($key,$value) = each(%hash)) { print "$key - $value\n"; delete $hash{$key}; } open(FILE,"; } close(FILE); my $foo = 21; $foo <<= 5; $foo >>= 4; print $foo; @arr = (1,2,3); {local $" = "\n"; print "@arr\n"; } my $line = "Hello World"; substr($line,5,2) = "abc"; print $line; Why is sprintf rarely used in perl in comparison to similar (or the same) functions in other languages? my $subRef = sub {print shift;}; How is the subroutine above called with one parameter? How can the values of an associative array be placed in sorted order in a new array? What function is often necessary for building data structures to be passed to low-level routines such as ioctl and fcntl? sub foo { if (shift(@_) > 0) { shift; } } print foo(10,5); print foo(-10,5); What does the above sample for (my $i = 1; $i <= 3; $i++) { print 1..$i; print "\n"; } my $data = 5**3 * 12,2+2; print $data; sub foo { my $value = shift; if ($value) { print 1; shift; } else { return shift(@_) + 3; } } print foo(10,20); What is printed as the result of executing the above code? $var = 20; sub s1 { print "$var "; } sub s2 { local $var = 10; s1;} sub s3 { my $var = 30; s1;} s3; s2; s1; On systems that record file ownership, how may the owner of a file be identified? Which one of the following sets $y to be a copy of $x with every occurrence of foo changed to bar? Which one of the following is an array literal that represents a 4-element array containing the numbers 1, 4, 2, and 6? sub foo {2*shift || 'x';} printf ("%s %s %s", foo(5),foo(0),foo(-5)); What does the above sample code print? Suppose $x contains a number. Which one of the following statements sets $y to be a string containing the octal value of $x?

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Write an expression or perl script to identify the entered ip address is valid or not?


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Hi, I am a accountant. I am preparing a balance sheet but because of staff shortage and time pressures I cant complete it on time. There is lot of common data with last years which I need not retype and I can manage by editing last year’s balance sheet ? Is their any software on net where I can do this easily??


Why we use CGI?



We all know private variables exist in perl. But do private METHODS exist in perl ? Eg ?



how to get back up from private character editor which is saved in the format of .udf


There is no strict data types in perl unlike in other high level languages like Java so wouldn't that be a problem if a code in perl is to be a written by a big team of 20+ members ?"

Cisco, Oracle,


How to check the status of airplane mode (enable/disable) in perl for Android mobile?


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What does `$result = f() .. g()' really return?


What does Perl do if you try to exploit the execve(2) race involving setuid scripts?


What is the difference between use and require in perl programming?


How to concatenate strings in perl?


What are the benefits of perl in using it as a web-based application?


Why aren't Perl's patterns regular expressions?


How can the user execute a long command repeatedly without typing it again and again?


You want to empty an array. How would you do that?


Show the use of sockets for the server and client side of a conversation?


What are the various uses of perl?


How to start perl in interactive mode?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of perl language?


How many types of variable in perl?


What is the use of command “use strict”?


What is epoch time in perl?