CGI Perl Interview Questions
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write a script to display mirror image of a entered value and also check whether Palindrome

HCL, Persistent,

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write a script to generate n prime no.s?


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Why we use "use lib $path"?

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Difference between Perl and Mod_perl?

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How to make the following assignment, as arrayreference assignment ? my $arr_ref='[1,2,3,4,4,'elem']';

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what are steps to do to lock the sony ericsson mobile with password?


how to extract pin_code,phone_number,year from text file using regular expressions in perl


What is caller function in perl?

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How to disable the mod_perl from apache_server as i have used perlfect search on the site and its pagination is not working and the remedy is to disable the mod_perl.


write a perl script to find whether a given line of text is starting and ending with same word or not ???


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how to create a flat file database as shown below name age city phone 0 hema 22 Calcutta 4312542 1 hema 21 Bangalore 2344345 2 ganesh 25 delhi 2445454 3 kartik 45 pune 4312121 4 santosh 25 Hyderabad 2254231 5 kumar 25 mysore 2344567 6 gita 34 mangalore 6532123 7 gita 32 pune 2213456 Q1.print the details of the person who r from bangalore q2.Replace the city name managlore to pune q3.prints no of person having name gita and hema q4.print how many are of age 25.


write a Perl script to find a particular word in a paragraph???

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I have one question regarding to eval function. I know eval function is use for error checking but I am not able to understand below line. eval \'exec perl -S $0 ${1+\"$@\"}\' if 0; $0 for script name $@ set if error occur


What is the difference between having a parenthesis after module name and without parenthsis after module name?? i.e Package::Module(); and Package::Module;

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what is the meaning of rigging?

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Mention what is cpan?


What are the arguments and what do they mean in perl programming?


What is the purpose of goto expr statement?


What does -> symbol indicates in Perl?


What does cgi program store?


How do I print the entire contents of an array with Perl?


What does init 5 and init 0 do?


How to dereference a reference?


What can be done for efficient parameter passing in perl?


Explain lists in perl?


What are prefix dereferencer? List them.


Which of these is a difference between Perl and C++ ?


How do I replace every character in a file with a comma?


What are scalars?


Explain the internal working of cgi