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CGI Perl Interview Questions
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write a script to display mirror image of a entered value and also check whether Palindrome

HCL, Persistent,

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write a script to generate n prime no.s?


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Why we use "use lib $path"?

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Difference between Perl and Mod_perl?

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How to make the following assignment, as arrayreference assignment ? my $arr_ref='[1,2,3,4,4,'elem']';

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what are steps to do to lock the sony ericsson mobile with password?


how to extract pin_code,phone_number,year from text file using regular expressions in perl


What is caller function in perl?

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How to disable the mod_perl from apache_server as i have used perlfect search on the site and its pagination is not working and the remedy is to disable the mod_perl.


write a perl script to find whether a given line of text is starting and ending with same word or not ???


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how to create a flat file database as shown below name age city phone 0 hema 22 Calcutta 4312542 1 hema 21 Bangalore 2344345 2 ganesh 25 delhi 2445454 3 kartik 45 pune 4312121 4 santosh 25 Hyderabad 2254231 5 kumar 25 mysore 2344567 6 gita 34 mangalore 6532123 7 gita 32 pune 2213456 Q1.print the details of the person who r from bangalore q2.Replace the city name managlore to pune q3.prints no of person having name gita and hema q4.print how many are of age 25.


write a Perl script to find a particular word in a paragraph???

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I have one question regarding to eval function. I know eval function is use for error checking but I am not able to understand below line. eval \'exec perl -S $0 ${1+\"$@\"}\' if 0; $0 for script name $@ set if error occur


What is the difference between having a parenthesis after module name and without parenthsis after module name?? i.e Package::Module(); and Package::Module;

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what is the meaning of rigging?

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What is the difference between use and require in perl?


explain the various functions/directives in perl that allow you to include/import a module. Also, state the differences between them.


Perl uses single or double quotes to surround a zero or more characters. Are the single(' ') or double quotes (" ") identical?


What is the use of -n and -p options?


What are the various advantages and disadvantages of perl?


How to close a file in perl?


Is there any way to add two arrays together?


How will you open a file in read-only mode in perl?


How do you you check the return code of a command in perl?


How do I pass a command line argument in perl?


How to close a directory in perl?


What are the advantages of programming in perl?


What does perl do in linux?


what are steps to do to lock the sony ericsson mobile with password?


Explain goto expr?