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QA Concepts Interview Questions
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when we want to be a good tester what should we need to be good at...

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how will u know whether ur reported bug is accepted r rejected?

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what is the difference between defect age and build intervel period?

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what is the difference between a error,defect and a bug

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what type of documents do u prepare during testing

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what is the difference between lifecycle model and v-model

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what r the key components in a test plan document?

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What's the role of documentation in QA

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What kind of documentation is required for QA,QC and testing.?Tell me the diffrence between QA,QC and testing

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What is test stratergy?

Ordain Solutions,

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What Winrunner framework did u use in ur organisation?


what is entry and exit criteria?

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In an interview,the Interviewer asked me what are the reasons For the software has bugs? could u pls. explain the General reasons ..

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Performance Evaluation means..?

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Interface Testing means?

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You have 250 outstanding requests in a bug tracking application,you have no automated build environment, or representative production environment in test, nor the hardware required.You are responsible for establishing some kind of process and order to the QA department, what would you need in terms of budget and what would your processes be, as well as how would you address the environment issues mentioned above?


Please, anyone out there that had been a SQA Tester, would You all give me a hint on this Job? Is becoming a SQA Tester is easy? Is it a tough one? Please help me on finding a way on this very first Job of mine?


Define test strategy.


What should QA require of Development?


What does the test strategy include?


prepare functional requirements and design test cases for a given business requirement as follows(consider all the implicit requirements): A message portal is given,Login into that, check for any e_mail in inbox-if present reply,if not compose a mail and send it.


An automated bank teller system?


Enlist some automation testing tools.


Kindly tell me some good websites from where I can study about sqa and testing(advance and new material)


Define Quality testing ?


Can anyone please tell me how to export the requirements from QC 9.2 to excel file.


What is random testing?


Case Study:-Given a standard calculator with the basic functionality of addition,substration,multiplication and division-write the test case to test this and tell how did it take to write the above test case and how ling would it take to execute them?


What is a cause effect graph?


What is the difference between Test cases document and test cases design document?