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Oracle General Interview Questions
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how to get last monday of a month?


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Explain the statement?? ALTER TABLE TABLE_NAME MOVE; What it the use of above statement??


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I just want to maintain data like an employee can belongs to 3 or more departments . We can resolve this by using composite key but it avoids normalization rules. So Can anyone tell me how can I maintain data.



I have a table emp. There is only one column in the table. In that , there are only three rows in that column. The value in the first row is 'A' and the value in the second row is 'B' and the third row is 'C'. Now, my question is , How will you write a select query to display the output as B C A Note: order by cannot be used coz it gives us output as CBA. But the output should be BCA.

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i can create a view with two columns from emp table,, later i need to add one more emp column to existing view.. what is query similarly add one more column to existing primary key constraint.. please give me the solutions


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what is insert all statement in sql


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select trunc(round(156.00,-1),-1) from dual;

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when we are importing items in inventory, showing errors, Oracle support suggested us for running scripts & also suggested if we run scripts, iprocurement applicaation if is there it will show shared and if we go in future for iprocurement, it wont work. So kinldy suggest any functional solution.


primary key is foreign key for the same table?


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1) What is dense ranking? 2) Difference between Substring and Instring? 3) Case and Decode? 4) Pseudo column? 5) View vs Materialized views? 6) SQl performance tuning?


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how to get required data from oracle source is like this ram_05_seetha lax_05_viswa bamr05frummy run_01_away sw_sas_trim i want my target data like ram_05_seetha lax_05_viswa to get data using %_05_% but it will give ram_05_seetha lax_05_viswa bamr05frummy how can i get my target data?


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how to produce numbers from 1 to 10 using dual table


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two tables are there emp(eno,ename,sal,deptno),dept(deptno,dname).how form the query in deptno,ename,max(sal)

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how may join possible between (requisition with purchase order)


I have created one package with out procedures in package specification and in package body i have used 2 procedures. is it compile????

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6. Display the client name and order date for all orders using the traditional method.


How to unlock the sample user account in oracle?