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Oracle General Interview Questions
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when i run my query on yesterday it is fast but today it is slow why?

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how to find find & delete duplicate rows from two different tables?

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You have one employee table having 3 entries emp_id, Mgr_id and salary. Mgr_id is also referencing emp_id. so now find out the emp_id which are having the second highest salary, under a particular manager.

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I'm doing my final year and i ve planned to do an oracle certification , is this the rit tim nd wat's the future scope??

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how to retrieve 1st and last row of table without using group functions??

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How to Identify the previously inserted/updated records in already populated table.


how can get like this result table A col1 col2 --- ----- a A b B C C .. .. .. ... .. ... wants result like for a single column col1 ------ a,b,c,........n of data and another is col1 ------- A B C D ........ a b b d ........


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without using count(*) and rownum how can we count total record in a table


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you are sorting a table using "order by"(descending) clause of a column which contains a null value...whether that row containing null value will come first or last in the output??


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What's dateware house and what's clustor with practicle example


what's query optimization and without use of IN AND Exist can we get another way data from query


What is tablespace in oracle? how can we create? how is it manage? . . . Thnx 2 All in Advnc....:)

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write a sql query following source looking like below column1 column2 101,102,103 abc,def,ghi 1001,1002,1003 a,b,c i want the output column1 column1 101 abc 102 def 103 ghi 1001 a 1002 b 1003 c


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write sql query following source are EmpID, Salary 101 1000 102 2000 103 3000 I want the output format like following empid,sal,composite_sal 101 1000 1000 102 2000 3000 103 3000 6000


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Display the order number and the number of months since the order was shipped for all orders that have been shipped in the last year (365 days). (Hint: Unshipped orders will have a null value).

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Define oracle database


Please explain compound trigger in oracle?


What is parameterized cursor in oracle?


what is the use of variable in oracle?


What is ceil and floor in oracle?


Can group functions be mixed with non-group selection fields?


What view(s) do you use to associate a users SQLPLUS session with his o/s process?


What are operators in oracle?


What are the parameters that we can pass through a stored procedure?


What are the restrictions in a oracle read only transaction?


What is the difference between I and G in Oracle?


How to delete multiple rows from a table in oracle?


6. Display the client name and order date for all orders using the traditional method.


How is it different from a normal table?


What is a cursor in oracle?