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J2EE Interview Questions
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Explain about J2EE Application Architecture

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Name the Implicit variable which is used to access other implicit objectes present in JSP.


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Hello frds .recently I've got a call for the test in infosys .iam having 1.5 yr exp in java pltfrm.plz can anyone tell the main process( in detail) for infosys experienced professionals

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What is the difference between sendRedirect() and forward()? in what situations do we have to use send redirect() instead of forward().

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How can we serialize a jsp page.

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to update a batch in a table in jdbc which method of statement object is used

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to update a batch in a table in jdbc which method of statement object is used


to update a batch in a table in jdbc which method of statement object is used.

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i have to create an application with session.during that session a timer will be started & show the time in second upto the session expired.So that i can know how many time i in that session. Hint:-i m hinted that it will coded with javascript

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what is the difference between Tomcat 4 & Tomcat 5?


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what is Directory Structure of webapplication?

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CANDOR Services, a leading provider of next-generation staffing services, draws from unparalleled resources and expertise to offer you innovative, quality workforce solutions. We have openings for "J2EE ARCHITECT" with one of our clients. Client is CMM Level 5 company. Location : Hyderabad Roles A J2EE Architect with expertise in Web Architecture (covering Spring MVC, AOP, Webflow, Struts, Tiles, Hibernate, JAAS, Web Application Performance Turning & Measurement) as part of Solutions Architecture Group: Position involves in providing architectural vision, conceptualize and provide architectural approaches, create models and specifications, and validating the architecture against requirements and assumptions. Also involves in providing oversight over ongoing projects as a reviewer and auditor Educational Requirements A minimum of BS or MS (MS preferred) in Computer Science or Engineering or equivalent experience in the IT industry. Skill Sets Overall 8-10 Years of experience in IT industry with 3-4 Years of experience in Service industry Technology Skills Java, J2EE, MVC Frameworks (Struts/WebWork/JSF/Spring), Spring, AOP, WebFlow, ORM Tools (Hibernate/Ibatis/JDO/Tapestry), App servers, Databases, JAAS Web Application Performance Tuning & Measurement 6+ years Java software development experience. 4+ years of enterprise Java development, with emphasis on web-based applications. Strong relational database and SQL skills (5+ years). Mail to :



i developed a Stateless Session bean program.And created a client by a common java class as class m {p s v m(String s[]){....}} And i called the bean deployed in weblogic.from cmd prompt And that run. mind it i have to set setenv,seting classpath for that bean jar file before compile and run it. ok when i do a servlet programme deployed in tomcat and call that bean then it give classdefnotfoundException and NoInitialContext like this.So how i sucessfully do this? Ok when i call that bean from java class from the console like i previously told, if i don't set setenv i found the same error on the cmd prompt. pls help to get out of it

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what is the main use of the RequestDispatch object, how we this in realtime project

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why we are using XML?


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What is a web container in j2ee?


What do you mean by the deployment descriptor?


What is deployer?


What is authorization constraint?


i want test pattern of zylog company and some examples also


What is mean by j2ee?


What is source file in java?


What is j2ee stand for?


Is j2ee a framework?


What is declarative security ?


What is java ee technologies?


What is 2 stands for in j2ee?


What is the ear file?


What is j2ee module?


What is the latest technology used in java?