Struts Interview Questions
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Difference between JSF Framework and Struts Framework.

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What is the difference between a Strut and a Class?

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what is frame work in struts?


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what is tiles in struts?

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what is the purpose of action servlet and action?

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What is MVC Architecture?

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How Struts will follow the MVC?


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what is ForwardAction and IncludeAction in struts?

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how to create a search field in struts.with code

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How to pass runtime Parameter in Struts1.2?

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why servlet is used as controller not JSP?


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How to create validations?what are struts validation components?

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How to set email notification using struts.Plz give the example code?


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How many types of action clases are there in stuts and their uses?

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What is difference between perform() used in struts1.0 and execute() used in 1.1 ?


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how to get the last 10 elements using logic:iterate in struts with hiernate from database.


how to develop the submit and search operations in single jsp using struts?


How many Action classes have been used in your project? Differences between struts 1.1 and 1.3?


how to connect from struts to database through hibernet and where u can modify the class


How do u provide security to ur project?(Banking domain project)


how to debug struts project in netbean ?


Can explain about the validations and in your project where did u used the validations?


while working struts in intellij 7.0error unable to initialize tld location cache: zip file is closed is displayed anybdy can answer me immdialy .ungert


what is ACID test for fresh engineers??what is the pattern??


1.can we transfer a request from one struts application to another struts application? 2. how many types of action servlets r there what r they


How to explain Software Bank Loan descriptions


in struts how to use hibernate with struts>