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Can we define constructors in Servlet?

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Can we define constructors in Servlet?..

Answer / vivekanand prasad

The init() method creates and loads the servlet.But the servlet instance is first created through the constructor (done by Servlet container). We cannot write constructors of a servlet class with arguments in servlet (It will throw Exception). So, They provided a init() method that accepts an ServletConfig object as an argument.ServletConfig object supplies a servlet with information about its initialization (init) parameters.Servlet class cannot declare a constructor with ServletConfig object as a argument and cannot access ServletConfig object.

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Can we define constructors in Servlet?..

Answer / qim2010

One can definitely have constructor in servlet. Even you can
use the constructor in servlet for initialization purpose,
but this type of approach is not so common. You can perform
common operations with the constructor as you normally do.
The only thing is that you cannot call that constructor
explicitly by the new keyword as we normally do. In the case
of servlet, servlet container is responsible for
instantiating the servlet, so the constructor is also called
by servlet container only.

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Can we define constructors in Servlet?..

Answer / sitaram

Each every class execute in java. One default constructor or
define constructor must be calling. If you are not any
constructor write in your class. when execute the program ,
JVM automatically create the default constructor.

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