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explain session tracking. why we used it

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explain session tracking. why we used it..

Answer / saroj kumar biswal

session tracking is the process of keeping session data(i.e-the data exchanged between server & client as part of httpRequest)to use these data in further pages.

If the server supports stateless protocol like:http then the server can't store the session data exchanged between server & client in earlier pages.if we use stateful protocol it will reduce performance as it takes more memory & more time.
So we can use session tracking/session handling techniques,like:
url rewritting
hidden form fields
session managed by cookies
session managed by url rewritting

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explain session tracking. why we used it..

Answer / neha

Session is a series of request from a single
client.Actually HTML is a stateless protocol which means it
does not save any data exchanged between client and server.
Hence to store this data, or maintain a record session
tracking is used.
THis can be achieved through
url rewriting
hidden form field
using httpsession

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explain session tracking. why we used it..

Answer / avadhut_07


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