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This position requires your continued communication with custodial parents. How are your communication skills?



Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Are you intent on becoming a career prosecutor?


A Customs Inspector is required to apply laws and regulations. What experience do you have in applying laws and regulations?


Based on your experience, what methods have you used to successfully explain complex rules and regulations to the general public?


What should a stenographer do if a witness who is scheduled for a court appearance does not show up to testify?


What are the three major types of errors that should be considered when proofreading a document?


what is your proofreading experience?


What reference sources should you use to insure that an outgoing correspondence is accurate and correct?

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Who heads the Judicial Branch?

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What does the chief court administrator do?

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What is a chief administrative judge/administrative judge/presiding judge?

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What is the organization of the courts?

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How are the Superior Courts structured?

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What about housing and small claims matters?

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Are Probate Courts part of the Superior Court?

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What do you mean by Prelimnery Expenses ? How do you Account for? Can it be Written Off? How?


hi, mmy name is srinath and i am working in a company as contract basi, they said me that company is baring 8800rs on me and giving on hand salary of 7400rs, proffesional tax 80rs were mentioned inpayslip, am i suppose to pay ? because i am not a regular onroll employ of company please give me suggestion, on mail. or number 9533373003,plz any body give the answer


When was your resilience tested? Please tell me how to answer this Que.


when was started salt stahagragam


what is the date for filling Quaterly rturn in case it is not submitted upto last date of it.


rate of customes duty


How to Vouch Purchase Invoice for the purpose of CENVAT


SIR, our client is carrying business It is a ASSOciation of individuals.Can you say whether it is a AOP or doubt is that AoP includes persons for a common purpose But according to I>T act PERSON includes individuals also


In what conditions company do not pay income tax in-spite of taxable income and tax will be paid in next year as previous year income tax.


A Company puts an advert in a local newspaper: 'Buy our brilliant guide to getting into university and we guarantee you will be offered a place at your first choice or your money back and £1000'. James buys the guide, follows its advice but is rejected from everywhere he applies. The Company refuses to give him his money back. Can he sue for breach of contract?


what is the rate of WCT and surcharge in haryana when the payer is registered under Lumsum contractor


What do you think is the most important issue facing the legal profession at the moment?


A man holds a gun up to your head and says "shoot your father or I'll kill you both". You then shoot. Are you guilty of murder?What about if he had said "shoot your father or I'll kill you".Finally, what about it he had said "shoot your father or I'll kill him".


best and fastest way to go to the european courts of human rights for liability of sections 1, 5, 6, 7,8,9,10,14


What are the pros & cons about juries?