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What is the organization of the courts?

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What is the organization of the courts?..

Answer / guest

The Supreme Court is the state?s highest court. It reviews
decisions made in the Superior Court to determine if any
errors of law have been made and also reviews selected
decisions of the Appellate Court.
The Appellate Court, like the Supreme Court, reviews final
decisions issued by the Superior Court to determine if
errors of law have been committed.
State law specifies which types of appeals may be brought
directly to the Supreme Court from the Superior Court,
thereby bypassing the Appellate Court. These cases include
decisions where the Superior Court has found a provision of
the state constitution or a state statute invalid and
convictions of capital felonies.
The Superior Court hears all legal matters except those
over which the Probate Court has exclusive jurisdiction.

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What is the organization of the courts?..

Answer / tejbhan.k.bhagtani

The highest court in India is the Supreme Coourt of India
having Original Jurisdiction in Civil and Criminal Matter.
A part form this SLP & PIL can be filed before it It is
Original power of Jurisdiction under Artical 32 of COI. If
has supervision over High Court and Lower Courts. It has
power to Reviwe the cases decided by High courts and can
call for any matter which it seems to be of Public
Importances. High Court can frame a question snd send the
same to Hon'ble Supreme Court for consideration and has
power to Reference. One thing so far I am concerned Powers
of Article 142 of COI an be excised by Hon'Ble Supreme
Court only. If the High court issues certificate that the
matter relates to Law or decision must be giver by Higher
Authority i.e Hon'ble Supreme Court the in its appeallate
juridication Supreme Court has to give its opinion.
The next comes to High Courts of state and can excersie
poer of Artcle 226 of COI and below High Court are District
Judges and then Lower courts.

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