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the key persons of jallianwalla bagh massacre? who rendered vishnu sahasranamam in the form of casettes? which associate bank of sbi already merged n wich is going to merge? founder of andhra bank? reasons for selecting the banking sector?

State Bank Of India SBI,


which size of cable should be used for 20hp motor load?


when sbi is likely to declare final result for clerk exam. my interview was held on 28 apr 10.


why you want to join bpo?wht do you understand by it?

IBM, Infosys,


what is difference between xdm-50/100/300/500/1000/2000 & all bg-20/40/30 in eci mux.

Airtel, Cell Asia, ECI Telecom, Idea, Nokia, NSN, TATA, Tata Teleservices, TCL, Vodafone,

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when will be the sbi interview held in april-may 2010 be declared?


when will sbi clerical final result out?????? interview held in the months of april and may 2010


describe mother in one sentence only...

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can i attend the syndicate bank PO exam 2010 as my date of birth is 20th may 1980.

Syndicate Bank,


why you want to join bank

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24th may is famous for what?


can any one help me ,i'm appearing syndicate bank clerical exam on 27-6-10


I have entered a wrong percentage in bank of baroda clerk exam,by mistake i have entered 74 instead of 64%.I want to know whether it could be corrected at the time of interview or not.I have done well in exam and i hope i will clear the exam.Pls reply soon.



hi, igot previous years papers of out tech.and gen.from the website of 2009 papers are available in that website. if any got any more old question papers plz mail me to plz do me the favour .....................................thankyou all


I have a question, I'd like to know what does "roc" means? E.g. in Beyonce's song : Roc. She is singing: You are my roc, I love to roc with you and it's not a rock. Help me...


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who is thing that arrounding the graveyard


what an interviewer wants to see in the candidate.


hello, how it is possible as you replied my id i was selected the indian bank clerical exam!!!!!!!!! hmmm. ok if i selected means, send me the result link website.. i will search and tell to thanks for you.. ok


How can i send free SMS TO OUR FRNDS?


Hi I am looking for Hadoop Cloudera certification dumps. Please contact me if you some one have any idea about it.


Hello All, I m going to appear in Mass communicaion enterance exam from Jamia Milia university.Please let me know what kind of paper it will be. Only 20 seats are there, so i m worried. please help. if anyone is same course from same college please mail me on


I was been in the US before when my ex boyfriend petition a K1 visa but the relationship did not work so i went back to my country.Now i have a new boyfriend his American citizen can he still petition me for a K1 visa?


hat will be the syllabus of The Descriptive paper of Forthcoming Bank of India P.Os Exam? I Have the copy of advertisement but there is no information in it that what will be asked in Descriptive Paper?


What is Aggressive behavior needed in corporate world? how aggressive play a role on of the Employee?


valuation of share is it base of the company reputation


Mahatma Budhy got enlightment under the Banyan tree (Bat briksha) then why there are peepal tree in Bodh Gaya


Mention your position in the heirarchy and the levels above and below you.


hi, igot previous years papers of out tech.and gen.from the website of 2009 papers are available in that website. if any got any more old question papers plz mail me to plz do me the favour .....................................thankyou all


The lowest common multiple of two different numbers is 24, and the greatest common factor is 12 what are the two numbers?


starting current of a 1.5 AC is ti possible to start the AC on Grid and run on solar