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hi i have selected corporation bank and they ask to come for medical what are medical test they will do if there is nay problem and what type of test they will be taken


What you do if your superior or manager commits theft or anything else which cause to company loss, and you know everything but he told you that not to tell anybody because your appraisal and bonus is in my hand? Pls give me best answer



hi, im working as a domestic helper in malaysia and i want to ask what are the documents needed if i want to apply for a visit visa to australia alone without my there a big chance for me to get a visa. hope you can help me.


what is core banking?

State Bank Of India SBI,


where is ajanta yellora located

State Bank Of India SBI,

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What is the national game of England?

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Can someone please help me out with interview Questions for SBI management executive exam? Is it expected to be same as SBI PO Interview, or it is expected to be a higher level interview? Please guide. Thanks in advance.

State Bank Of India SBI,


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when the dividend will issue by the company .if that time shares will sell by the holder who got the dividend?


arrange tese alphabets into 3 words FTOGUNIROUIYWA?

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Describe a technology you learned recently. How do you learn it?



Respected Sir/Madam, I am 36 yrs old working woman, preparing for MPSC assit/sales tax inspector exam which will be held on 29/11/09. Time is less and sylybus is wast please maile me earlier years question paper if you have on my email id THANKS, do for the needful. regards.



If the boys at the time were called Teddy Boys, what were the girls called?


Thyristor convertor type AVR(Automatic Voltage Regulator) is made of Thyristors(Silicon Controlled Rectifiers,SCRs). We know that output DC voltage from an SCR will not only depend upon the r.m.s. value of Input voltage applied, but also at the angle at which the input AC cycle is fired (using gate signal). If the firing angle is zero(in a simple circuit), then maximum DC output voltage will be obtained.If the firing angle is changed from 0 to 180,then maximum to minimum voltage is obtained. This property could be used to build an AVR. The firing angle proportional to Output voltage could be used to trigger the thyristor,in a closed loop manner and a nearly constant DC voltage(Average Value) can be obtained.An invertor circuitory could be utilised to get a regulated AC supply. Many other configurations can be build from thyristors to get a regulated AC supply.


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Role of the H.R. & H.R.Department.


can i know the answer for the simple question "Tell me about Yourself!".Anyone please reply me.


can anyone tell me how many time it takes in sbi clerk interview?? plz answer me in my id thats thanks


Hello All, I am a indian lady married in aug,2006. In 2007 I asked one agent to apply for a passport for me. He filled up the form & I signed it. After few days I got the passport. Now there is one mistake he has done while filling my form. ****He has written my marital status as UNMARRIED in the form by mistake.*** Now I wanna go to US on B2 visa. Now I want to ask whethere I can face any legal action, because of wrong infromation in my passport application about the marital status earlier which is by mistake. What should I do?


Do you have a girlfriend? If not, why?


Kindly provide me test cases for Compatibility testing for Mobile on diffrent operating systems.


Why you need job change?


I am Master with Statistics, MBA(finance and marketing)and SAS base training taken , seaching jobs in SAS analyst after 12 working in education as educator for statistics


Briefly describe your ideal job


what are the questions asked by interviewer for the post of logistics executive?


i want thanx my brother so i need nice wording


Question that will be ask for master interview


Why do we use blue ink?


which size of cable should be used for 20hp motor load?


hello..............Is this company BPO or ITES...........