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what is the difference in Syllabus between Bank POs,GroupI,GroupII For which i can take coaching for please Mail me at


Why a dead body floats


hi my company have applied for a L1 intercompany transfere visa,the INS keep coming back and asking for more and more proof,and silly questions


what is induction moter and what principle of self start induction moter.explain it?


When we can expect the result of Bank Of Baroda's clerk paper which was held on 30-11-2008


what is the different between windows xp and Windows vista


hi, pls suggest me.... i m doing software testing now. i hv changed my field Bsc bio to comp. sci. my graduation is completed with bio science then PG with M.A. (eco.), after that i switched in PGDIT(comp. Diploma). and with this my percentage is in reversing order from 10th to M.A. so what should i reply for changing fields and decreasing percentage, if i face these questions in interview???


Would you rather work with information or with people ? (This question is asked by a UK based consultancy)

UK Embassy,

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How do you evaluate success ?

Amdocs, UK Embassy,


Briefly tell us about yourself ? ( Should I need to mention my qualification, work experience, hobbies, family background) Note :- Answer should be less or equal to four lines.

UK Embassy,


hi, i have cleared written test of clerical bank of baroda... anyone plz share what kind of questions are asked in interview???? and how to prepare for it?

Bank of Baroda,


Where i can get the Haryana Middle Class result Feb 2009 , Board of School Education Haryana Middle class result feb 2009

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When will the JET 2009 exam will help, Joint Entrance Test 2009, Punjab Joint Entrance Test 2009, Diploma Entrance Test 2009, Punjab Diploma entrance test 2009.


Haryana Class 8th result feb 2009, Haryana middle class result feb 2009, haryana result 2009, haryana school class 8th result.

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please can you tell me how to prepare a bank po exam without coaching,and if your maths is average.and also that how many questions one shoul attempt to pass the written examination


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what are the difference between elecric and electronic?


I attended an interview with Lycatel, Chennai on December 17th 2010 for AM - Operations. Actually that position was advertised in Hindu and seeing that I walked in an attended the interview. My job and skillset, experience exactly matched to what they require and I was confident about the offer. After 2 weeks, I emailed the HR and he said that "I will update you ASAP" again after a week I emailed him to know that status he again replied "With regards to your email, I will update ASAP". After 2 weeks I drafted a big email to the HR and he replied back saying "The position that you have applied for has been kept on hold, so when the requirement arises, we will get in touch with you shortly". I really dont understand why, because only when there was a requirement, they had advertised in Hindu, now how can they say that when there is a requirement, will let you know. I am confused. After that I have email that HR several times to atleast intimate if its negative, but there has been no reply till date. What should I take this as? Can anyone help me?


i want thanx my brother so i need nice wording


Hi..I am Ramya Naveen...I hav applied for clerical post in karnatak bank...i m having exam on jan 4 ,2010.Pls send some sample papers to my email id, i.e,


please tell me what type of question ask in back office interview.


hi this is laxman. i did't find group 2 challan form on apspsc site plz help me , where it is?


hi i m laxmi pandit inm in waiting list of karnataka bank.anyone tell me what is it it surity of selection.they provide me last date 31 march me i m confuse


in oracle apps technical which module is best for MCA students


List and discuss with examples the 4 principles of Scientific Management


What is your expected salary?


i m from engineering background and now i want to go banks....if the question will asked that why u prefer the bank job while u r from technical background?


breif about your sefl?


A good example has more value than good advice ???


how should i deliver myself if i asked to introduce myself in any public place or interviews?what are the things should be highlighted and which should be dealt with less importance????


draw and explain the R-2R ladder dac.