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Who is the person to have laid the foundation of research in Statistics in India ?



which are the tools,data base and flat files not support to informatica?


what are the transformations cannot used for mapplets?


i'm looking that you have 2 years gap between plus2 and your degree course.. give me reason for that. any why will we take you in our company..?


what is meaning of ranking 0-5 given in your answer . For what No. of ranking answer is correct.


my uncle wants to sponser me for studying in uk. is it possible in uk embassy that he can sponser me for my study... please reply as soon as possible


how can get early watch report on sap 4.7


Tell me something about your school days.



Speak for 2 minutes on customer service.

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Is second degree in B.Tech was eligible to study M.S in U.S.A


what is transformer



discuss the early formation of Northern NGOs and critically outline their main areas of concentration


There are several causes of low economic growth rates,low productivity and poverty in our society today.isolate and discuss these fully how they negatively affect our society.


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discuss the pros and cons of subsidized state agricultural financing in Rural and Agricultural Development


How has industrialization,urbanization and socialization affected the traditional family both good and negative influences


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sir, i completed my and planning 2 take sun solaries training.Is having good future for it in india plz help me


My PC auto restart some times goes PSU 12V is responsible for it becoz its not ok as seen bios Hardware


Can you balance rural urban divide in education?


hi i want to know about examination of deputy field officer under cabinet secretary. when is it started. how many stage are completed to reached the interview board. actually i am b. com graduate. i send my application to the address of AD(Pers-A), post box no 3003 lodhi road post office new delhi-110003. i don't know about AD(Pers-A). but i write this word on the envelope which was send to the post office. is it correct addressed. have a any chanced to can celled my application. what type of question i have to faced in the written examination. can u give me any sample paper of this examination. thanks


hi...i m pinkee, persuing graduation in biotechnology and i am selected for sbi clerical interview. please send me questions that can be asked in interview........... and also send answers of question given below.. internet banking what is a company? advantages of nationalisation of banks what is inflation? bussiness undertaken by banks bank interdetness introduction of technology in banks


can anyone tell me how many time it takes in sbi clerk interview?? plz answer me in my id thats thanks


I am BSc. Maths. I gave written test for SBI clerical postand I am selected for interview. I am about to join Times group as an executive with a salary of 18000. Some people are telling me to consider SBI job as it is secured. What should I do? Please help me.


write a program that asks for 2 floating point numbers and multiply numbers together,print to screen. then ask the user how many digits it needs to display to the right of the decimal and print the product again w the new precision...


hi friends, i completed MCA and searching for software jobs. but i cleared SBI clerical written and called for interview. at this time what is better? joining as clerk in SBI or to wait for some time and getting a job as a s/w engg ? please suggest me. will there be career growth in SBI?


Hi every body i am 12th passed and have six months diploma in computer (DCA). i want to work in cannada . i have 1year exprieance in INSURANC sector. how can i applay . pls. help me to find some good consaltalincy .


what is the age limit of BC A-5 women category


Minimum invoice value require for form form 38 in up


Can you tell me which coaching classes is best for banking in chennai?


sir im going for write bank of baroda pos entrance exam how many months taken for held the results thank you sir...........


hi i have been salected for interview of sbi clerk plz send me some questions that often asked in interview hall