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What are the chances for a person to reach at good position if he joines sbi bank as a clerk ? can anybody tell about departmental promotion pocedures etc. in SBI.


Name of any fampous personality who never went to school.


What type of character you like?


Internet site would you like the most?


A Match You matched live


hi i got 78% marks in 10 n 59.5 % in 12 both from cbse boards..currently i m in btech 3 yr also i qualified gate2008 ....but wud i get placed in software companies....reason 4 decline in 12 was illness...


How do u deal the boss/sub-ordinate in case of disagreement?


Tell me something which is not in your resume or CV


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how can i obtain the following with jcl ok here goes i have a file for emample mary.test 1, extract from the file the following ssn from column 7 '123551212' into a separate dataset. 2 , create second jobstep to extract from the data set created the following fund code '113' from column 7 into yet another dataset



please, anyone send me to the sample question papers of state bank of india.


tell me about urself ? why didnt u join earlier when u came for the interview? where do you work and what is your job profile? you have done mass comm and MA in english, y did u join a call centre? is it serving your purpose? y arnt you trying in media and related fields? how much salary do you expect? what are your expectations from the co? why should we hire u? do you think you will be able to handle this profile? are you comfortable with travelling? If not, will you go in for other profiles that we have? good and bad things about you? how soon can you join? wil you need to give prior notics to your co b4 leaving you will not be on co. pay rols and no leaves. is that ok with you?


am going to appear in P.P.C. misc Exam 07 (W.B). How can face itand what book to read


Whether exchange 2000 have Recovery storage group



How can you create a SAles order and send to customer by using IDOCS?


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how can i get the previous question papers of group II


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why you want to leave your existing company & join our company?


when can the successful candidates in central excise inspector SSC CGL10 expect the appointment letter?? please reply!


which books i have to read for group2?


What is F.O.R.


HI,Please Give me the suggestion to join in Sristek,Hyderabad to work on SAS?Please tell me how is this company? and how the career in this company????


Tell me about a time when you had to work as part of a team and someone was not holding up their end of the work (it can be work or school). What did you do?


hello..............Is this company BPO or ITES...........


I have given my B.O.B Interview on 14/01/10 @ delhi. Could anyone tell me when would be the results declared? pls post if anyone is seleted.


different of bank statment and stock transfer in cash book


what is the intention of Central excise act for making diff betn production and manufacture?


hello everyone I am from morocco and i have i-20 visa interview and i need help with a question COURSE OF STUDY : GENERAL STUDIES


What are the importance of employee training and development in the organization?


hi i have been salected for interview of sbi clerk plz send me some questions that often asked in interview hall


Can I get some ideas for 2 minutes speech on michael jackson


why governor is not provided with the power to pardon death sentence..