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Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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how can i join call centre???

Patni, Spenco,


How do I introduce myself sophistically infront of interviewer?

Call Centre, HCL,

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say about hyderabad ?


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How u celebrated ur last birthday?


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speak on the topic "idle mind is a devil's workshop"

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comparsion between love and arranged marriages

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what is bulk message?


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What is the castomer service ?


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what is telecom collections

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What does a call center mean to you?


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describe rainbow

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you have done hotel management and you whish to join call center why.

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How would you spend your last weekend........?

IBM, Spice BPO,

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Why so you want to join BPO.........?

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which one do u prefer idly vs pizza why ?


what kind of questions based on computer may be asked in an interview in BPO's?


Why do you want to work for our company? : bpo


Please read these words carefully see c sansaar customer university these words used for see mti problem of candidate


Friends I have cleared all the rounds except Client round. Any body tell me what is that round? And what should I prepare for that.


Hi guys im sukanya i completed my Bsc computers searchng fr a job. Plz help me


Tell me something about your on-the-job training?


What if the customer is not happy with your answer or solution?


for some training is a neccesity and for others it's a luxury comment about the above statement


1.favorite teacher? 2.memorable event 3:school life Guys please give space for each answer for one particulare question and please mention numbers for which question your are giving he answer...please dont mixup


tell me yours mothers daily routine , fathers, your's


when i went to convergys then i was asked to these question? only for technical post 1. give me your introduction 2. what is ping, ms config, safe mode, last known configuration, system restore, backup, ip address and what is command prompt.....


What kind of a salary are you looking for?


5. When promises to do something by a certain time, they do so


Can I build a good future in "IT profile(non-BPO)" by joining as Technical support voice at IBM/ Wipro/Dell .....??? Please do guide me in this case...