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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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What is conta entry

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I want to know that if i get call from Mumbai Circle in SBI. what does it mean where will be my posting and my job profile, will i get accomodation from bank or not.


i m a bcom holder. ijust want to know abt procedure of ICWAI whether how muck years of Articleship job, when should i have to do that whether after/before Intermediate course?

ICWAI, Jindal Steel and Power,

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Long-term lease is which activity? (Operatinf/investing/finance activity) & same like short- team lease also?


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What is capital gains?


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Give me the asset revaluation (at the time of asset value increase & decrease) journal entrys?


What are intangible Assets?? ASKED 12.12.2008

OPI Global,

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what is commerce.

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what is tds rate of WCT applay for sale tax ragistard company.


what is sensex

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Can any one explain me how profitability analysis s implemented in Sap & tell me which tables get effected by this... i want to know about copa_derive msgtypes also...



can u explain Good will calculation methods?

College School Exams Tests, FactSet Systems,

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Tresuty stocks/shares calculation?

FactSet Systems,


Capital is asset of the company. But why does it appear in Liability side of the balance sheet.

JPMorgan Chase,

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difference between financial accounting and cost accounting

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why should the company give first perference to the perference shareholders?


why funds management doc is generated during migo and miro


The Closing stock balance on the cr side of Tarding Proft and Loss A/c due to this our revenue so when we isued the material or used in production then whats happen with closing stock(I think Closing Stock will dr after Isuabce/use materil in Production)if its correct tell me


What is outsider equity and time interest period ratio?


you went outside to purchase vegetagles, suddently big rain came then what you will do


A Customer has a MNC which has a Unit in USA , All use Same Operation Chart of A/c but they also want local reporting for USA unit .What should they do ? Optons : Use Group chart of account & Group a/c no * Use Group a/c no & Alternative a/c no.2 Use Country Specific Chart of A/c


How can someone prepared for Syndicate Bank Interviw? Do interviewer going to ask any aptitude questions or will it be similar to other PO Interviews? Answers solicited..




genpact uk based shift timings? and R2R job profile?




what type of questions are asking for fund administration???


Why we have to present first and second draft(Bill of Exchange) for bank negotiation.Why cant we present only One draft?


how to entry of hra


How Can Pass Credit Limit Entry If We Take Limit Of BANK I Maintain Of Account In Tally.ERP9 Than We Create Bank Ledger of Which Under


Short Answer on _________Financial accounting