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I am a student of ICWAI (Intermediate). I looking for some information about Rayalty and Hire Purchase.

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What is Royalty Accounting? How it calculate? Give some example.

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What is depreciation? What are the various methods thereof?

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Briefly explain about Stok valuation.

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can any one send me payables real time scenarious or any projects


How to treat the provision for bad debts which appear on credit side of the p&L A/c.

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How to treat the provision for bad debts which appeared on the credit side of the P&L A/c?


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What is the full from of DR and CR ?

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what is contingent asset


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what is leverage?how many types of leverages are there and explain

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please give the sbi bank clerk exam paper model in last five years?


i request you to give me the sbi bank a/c cleark post , syallbus and any book related to sbi bank a/c clerk


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pls send me for apptitude test paper anf finance test from the the company ford

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Where we have to take the Director's current account, wages a/c, Accruals, sales tax payable in Balancesheet

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what is the difference between debit card and credit card

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Respective sir I'm bcom 1st sem student. I have very interest in banking sector. I finished my pu with 88% how I can prepare for banking exam (especially po)yet I have no any practice but I hope if I get good guidance I can pass my banking exam so kindly inform me how I can prepare for po exams. My email address is- I'm really counting second when I will get ans by u. Thank you sir


what do you mean by accounting (or) why accounting ? ( generally we have to speak about our achivements and goals)


what are valuation accounts?


in what form is crr kept in RBI?


What is the accounting treatment for finance lease in lessee's viewpoint?


how can i make transaction related to inflation account in sap ?


Expand ________FIPB


is advance against FD or RD is treated as NPA .if EMI is not in scheduled . or classification of npa as per day is is made from sanction date or last payment date of repayment . please suggest me


Please share different type of Z report


What is the treatment of Capital Work in Progress as per the International Accounting Standards.


While we are bringing our machinery items to factory through a vehicle from other state to Andhra pradesh, is this correct to send our own state way bill along with the other state way bill.


what is the global prameters why are you selecting for the negative posting period allowed, defalult value date,proposed fisal year


Short answer on _______Amendment


difference between vat 47 & vat 49


What is Compliance?