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Sales for ABC Company were Rs.150,000 for 2003.The beginning inventory was 30% of the cost of goods sold.The ending inventory was 50% of the beginning invetory.Selling expenses were 10% of sales and absorbed 30% sales.Income taxes were 30% of net income before taxes.



In Pricing the gallons of petrol sold,service station 'A' follows the first-in-first-out method,while service station'B'follows last-in-first-out method.On 1st January both has the same quantity in stock viz.6,000 gallons at Rs.26 per gallon.During the month,each station recieved additional supplies of 6,000 gallons at Rs.27.50 per gallon.Sales for each of these two stations,during the month,were 8,800 gallons at Rs.29 per gallon. Determine for each service station,profit earned during the month and value of the petrol in stock at close of the month.


what is cost of goods sold ?

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what is reverse repo?

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what is the difference between gross profit and net profit?

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hi i am appliying for job of accounts executive in dubai, and i dont have much exp in SAP fi/co End user plz any one can give me the transaction codes of for end user sap AR/AP & GL and about automatic payment programme , thnks in advance gurus ,plz mail me on my id

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what is capital budgeting and techniques of capital budgeting.

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whatis ratio analysis and methods of its calculation.

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what is sensex and nifty.

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how to calculate share values of a company.


types of mutual funds?

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what is bank rate?

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what is cnc machine hour rate? how it is calculated?



What is the meaning of Revenue?

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please tell me GENPACT and GE finance interview questons


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How is the expenditure of developing a modified product treated?


what happens to each of the three primary financial statements when gross margin decreases?


How to enter PO in SAP


Hello every one i'm going to interview for as an account profile company is construction works so plz guys help me about furthering interview question


what is the good prasentation on interview


Dear Sir, My qus is my co. purchase a laptop from for rs-37200 on credit Emi basis from hdfc bank. i paid every month 6200rs as a installment. so i want to know how i make a entry in tally 9. and also want to know i creat laptop ledger under fixed assets or office expenses. plz tel me soon.or mail me .


how there prepare bank interview


What is Mean By FRS for HQ reporting, How To Prepare?


what is the procedure of interview question in genpact


From the following information you are to prepare a Cash Budget for the period from July to December 2008. (i) The estimated sales and expenses are as follows: June July Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Sales 35,000 40,000 40,000 50,000 50,000 60,000 65,000 Purchases 14,000 16,000 17,000 20,000 20,000 25,000 28,000 Wages & Salaries 12,000 14,000 14,000 18,000 18,000 20,000 22,000 Expenses 5,000 6,000 6,000 6,000 7,000 7,000 7,000 Interest Received 2,000 - - 2,000 - - 2,000 Sale of Fixed Assets - - 20,000 - - - - (ii) Sales are 20% in cash and balance on credit. 50% of the debtors are collected in the month of sales and the remaining in the next month. (iii) The time lag in payment of purchases and expenses is 1 month. However, wages and salaries are paid fortnightly with a time lag of 15 days. (iv) The company maintains a minimum cash balance of Rs. 5,000. The cash balance in excess of Rs. 7,000 is invested in government securities in multiples of Rs. 1,000. Short falls in cash balance are made good by borrowing from banks. The interest received as well as paid is to be ignored.


.,can someone tell me how to compute the subscribed capital share?


Define Payee


Whatis new GL & Odd G.L What is the difference between these two.


please send me last 3 years question & solution


Can you please help me calculate the pre tax profit for credit card for 2014 using the following Assumptions. Request you to list the steps used. Charges Late fee £12 per occurrence Over limit fee £10 per occurrence Cash fees 3% of cash withdrawal value Annual Fee £25 per account, per year Interchange 1% of transaction value KPIs Accounts overdue 10% per month Accounts over limit 15% per month Average APR 30% Balances revolving 90% of balance Average balance £900 at end of 2013 Expected growth in average balance (2014) 10% per annum Assumptions Open accounts 200,000 at 2013 year-end New accounts booked 5,000 per month Annual operating cost £50 per open account Cost of Acquisition £50 per account Provision rate 9% of total balances Annual cost of funds 4% by balance Charge off Unit charge-off rate in 2014 11% of accounts at 2013 year-end Unit charge-off rate in 2014 0% of accounts booked in 2014 Post charge-off recoveries 20% of balance Account Transactions Monthly turnover 5% of total month end balances Cash advances 20% of monthly turnover Additional Assumptions Please state any additional assumptions you have made to calculate your answer Thanks in advance,