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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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Sales for ABC Company were Rs.150,000 for 2003.The beginning inventory was 30% of the cost of goods sold.The ending inventory was 50% of the beginning invetory.Selling expenses were 10% of sales and absorbed 30% sales.Income taxes were 30% of net income before taxes.



In Pricing the gallons of petrol sold,service station 'A' follows the first-in-first-out method,while service station'B'follows last-in-first-out method.On 1st January both has the same quantity in stock viz.6,000 gallons at Rs.26 per gallon.During the month,each station recieved additional supplies of 6,000 gallons at Rs.27.50 per gallon.Sales for each of these two stations,during the month,were 8,800 gallons at Rs.29 per gallon. Determine for each service station,profit earned during the month and value of the petrol in stock at close of the month.


what is cost of goods sold ?

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what is reverse repo?

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what is the difference between gross profit and net profit?

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hi i am appliying for job of accounts executive in dubai, and i dont have much exp in SAP fi/co End user plz any one can give me the transaction codes of for end user sap AR/AP & GL and about automatic payment programme , thnks in advance gurus ,plz mail me on my id

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what is capital budgeting and techniques of capital budgeting.

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whatis ratio analysis and methods of its calculation.

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what is sensex and nifty.

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how to calculate share values of a company.


types of mutual funds?

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what is bank rate?

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what is cnc machine hour rate? how it is calculated?



What is the meaning of Revenue?

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please tell me GENPACT and GE finance interview questons


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what is audit mean? what is vouching? how to finalize the account? what is the meaning of + cast < as per last year auditor’s a/c ^ as per ledger JV journal voucher PV payment voucher AJV authorised journal voucher APV authorised journal voucher RV receiving voucher PCV petty cash voucher CPV cash payment voucher DN debit note DO delivery order PO purchases order CN credit note PS policy schedule RPS renewal policy schedule B bill Cx cross check nCx cannot cross check CB cash bill L list/letter SRF stock requisition form R report OR office report INV invoice DS deposit slip AB assessment bill Re receipt ECF entertainment claim form ATRF air ticket requisition form


payroll calculation procedure explain completely?


Short Answer on _________Accounts Receivable


what is the difference between f.f.s and c.f.s?




Why in a cash book receipts are debited while the same if received in our books recepits are credited. Why does cash book have a rule to debit receipts and credit payments. For example if am paying the cash that i owe the company or firm i debit in my books(cash) on the debit side and should credit in the cash book but i cant do that cash book take receipts on the debit side as per the general . please clarify many thanx in advance


what are the difference between banking institutions and financial institutions?


plz send all previous question papers for SBI clerical post.My email id is


How & When We Calculate Deffered Tax... Please Give me Some Example.?


Short Answer on _________________City Compensatory allowance


Apportion Rs 125000/- Nett loss among the partners A,B,C as per their sharing ratios 32%,16% and the balance to C. Pass journal entry


hello,dear any body give me mis report format. my email


Comments Elements in accounting


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