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what is sensex and nifty.

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what is sensex and nifty...

Answer / sonali

Sensex and Nifty bth are indexes.
Sensex is sensetive index also known asBombay stock
exchange it consists of top 30 scripts in the market with
hghest market capitalization.
Nifty is National fifty. It consists of top 50 scripts with
highest market capitalization.

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what is sensex and nifty...

Answer / p.vijayakumar

sensex:sensetive index it's used for bombay stock exchange
in this sensex calculated by top 30 companies of bse
listing, this listing will be based upon their
transaction...its all under control by sebi...

Nifty:it's used for National stock exchange this nifty
rated on top 50 companies....

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what is sensex and nifty...

Answer / rashmi

sensex and nifty both r indicators
sensex is an index of BSE while nifty iS an indicator of NSE
sensex is made up of 30 scrips those r selected by index
committe based on free float market cap methodology while
nifty is made up of 50 scrips

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what is sensex and nifty...

Answer / vinay & ibbu

Nifty consists of top 50 companies with good performance in
stock market field. and highest market capitalization. In
Nifty contains 50 companies in Different fields. which is
the perormed better in that fields. for Ex:- In Banking
sector HDFC is the best performer in Stock market field.

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what is sensex and nifty...

Answer / rajeshthamil

Sensex it is sensetive index of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).Sensex is calculated by first 30 listed companies of BSE.

NIFTY: Neat Informative Feasible Timely Yours, it consider only Top 50 companies scripts.

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what is sensex and nifty...

Answer / deepak

SENSEX is the short term for the words "Sensitive Index" and is associated with the Bombay (Mumbai) Stock Exchange (BSE). The SENSEX was first formed on 1-1-1986 and used the market capitalization of the 30 most traded stocks of BSE. Where as NSE has 50 most traded stocks of NSE. SENSEX is the index of BSE. AND

NIFTY is the index of NSE, both will show daily trading marks. Sensex and Nifty both are an "index´┐Ż. An index is basically an indicator it indicates whether most of the stocks have gone up or most of the stocks have gone down.

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what is sensex and nifty...

Answer / seema

sensex means indicator of movement opf stock exchange at
BSE, whereas nifty represents movement of stock exchange of
NSE... thses represent 10% of traded stock in the market.

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what is sensex and nifty...

Answer / ravi singh

sensex means bombay stock exchange
nifty means national stock exchange

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