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How to develop software using "c" programming?


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regarding pointers concept


what will be the out put. #include void main() { printf("Output:"); printf(1+"vikashpatel"); }//output: ikashpatel

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write an algorithm and c program to add two 2x2 matrics

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in one file global variable int i; is declared as static. In another file it is extern int i=100; Is this valid ?


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if function is declared as static in one source file, if I would like to use the same function in some other source file...is it possible....how ?


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Q. where is the below variables stored ? - volatile, static, register


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Is the below things valid & where it will be stored in memory layout ? static const volatile int i; register struct { } ; static register;


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write a program to find the frequency of a number


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whats the use of header file in c?

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write a c program for print your name .but,your name may be small letter mean print a capital letter or your name may be capital letter mean print a small letter .example \\enter ur name : sankar The name is: SANKAR (or) enter your name:SAnkar The name is:saNKAR

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Draw a diagram showing how the operating system relates to users, application programs, and the computer hardware ?


discuss the steps needed to get a program from source code to executable in a system?

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Why Modern OS are interrupt driven?Give an example

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Taking an example,differentiate b/w loader and linker ?

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what is a function method?give example?


Between macros and functions,which is better to use and why?


What is the code for 3 questions and answer check in VisualBasic.Net?


to find the closest pair


what is the difference between north western polytechnique university and your applied colleges?? please give ur answers for this. :)


can any one please explain, how can i access hard disk(physical address)? it is possible by the use of far,near or huge pointer? if yes then please explain......


How to write a program for machine which is connected with server for that server automatically wants to catch the time for user of that machine?


c language interview questions & answer


why wipro wase


write a program to print the consecutive repeated character from the given string... input string is : hhhhjkutskkkkkggggj output should be like this: hhhhkkkkkgggg anyone help me...


What is C language ?


how to construct a simulator keeping the logical boolean gates in c


What is ambagious result in C? explain with an example.


Sir,please help me out with the code of this question. Write an interactive C program that will encode or decode multiple lines of text. Store the encoded text within a data file, so that it can be retrieved and decoded at any time. The program should include the following features: (a) Enter text from the keyboard, encode the text and store the encoded text in a data file. (b) Retrieve the encoded text and display it in its encoded form. (c) Retrieve the encoded text, decode it and then display the decoded text. (d) End the computation. Test the program using several lines of text of your choice.


#define f(g,h) g##h main O int i=0 int var=100 ; print f ("%d"f(var,10));} wat would be the output??