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Why Modern OS are interrupt driven?Give an example

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Why Modern OS are interrupt driven?Give an example..

Answer / shankar

An interrupt driven device sends an interrupt request to the computer, which is then serviced by Internet service routine(ISR).
To effectively manage many processes the core of operating system makes use of what is known as interrupts.
This is a signal to a processor indicating that an asynchronous event has occurred. Here the current sequence of instructions is temporarily suspended, and a sequence appropriate to the interruption is started in its place. Its purpose is to alert the operating system when any special event occurs so that it can suspend its current activity and deal appropriately with the new situation
Usually an interrupt gives a signal from a device attached to a computer or from a program within the computer that causes the main program that operates the computer (the operating system) to stop and figure out what to do next. Almost all personal (or larger) computers today are interrupt-driven - that is, they start down the list of computer instructions in one program (perhaps an application such as a word processor) and keep running the instructions until either (A) they can't go any further or (B) an interrupt signal is sensed. After the interrupt signal is sensed, the computer either resumes running the program it was running or begins running another program

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Why Modern OS are interrupt driven?Give an example..

Answer / imrana

os is interrupt driven software this means that if there is no interrupt then the system will be die

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Why Modern OS are interrupt driven?Give an example..

Answer / banavathvishnu

There are 3 types of OS
1. Interrupt driven
2. Polling
3. Event driven

In Interrupt driven OS CPU clock is handed over to
Interrupt only when the interrupt is occured.

In Polling, CPU clock should wait until an event is occured
is very expencise wrt to CPU clock.

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